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Gen's Cosy Sitting Room Make-Over Alongside Bemz!

Often, when you lot accept a measuring inwards a novel direction inwards i room, it has a knock-on final result on the adjacent room - as well as earlier you lot know it you're re-doing the entire place! Have you lot noticed that too?! When my friend (and interior designer) her bedchamber hither inwards Malmö a few months back, she was thrilled alongside the results as well as wanted to conk on the expect through to her sitting room. Her as well as married adult man Kasper, didn't desire to invest a huge amount since it's fairly newly renovated, but soundless wanted to notice a unproblematic means to inject similar colours (sand, greyness etc) as well as natural materials such every bit linen to give their living infinite a cohesive look. Since they already had a Karlstad sofa as well as were really happy alongside it, Bemz - who build beautiful blueprint covers for IKEA article of furniture - was the ideal solution to lead to a greater extent than linen into the space. Here's the depression down...


The Design

Sample selection  

You powerfulness already hold upwards familiar alongside sitting room as well as bedroom). But, precisely inwards representative you're non - the Swedish build makes the most beautiful blueprint covers for IKEA sofas as well as armchairs every bit good every bit cushions, curtains as well as bedchamber fabrics (and cause got over 150 fabrics to lead from - I'm non kidding!).  Such an awesome means to build the most of what you lot already cause got as well as give it a whole novel lease of life! 

Gen chose a encompass inwards Simply Linen Graphite Grey which has a craaaazily soft 'peach-skin' finish.  It's also actually durable as well as auto washable making it ideal for saucepan lids (for the non-British out there, that's cockney rhyming slang for ''kids'!).  Side-note: Gen's lilliputian daughter Olivia is every bit cute every bit a button, but fifty-fifty the most angelic of children tin exit a fingerprint or too!

Room blueprint

Gen was neat for the expanse to experience cosy, personal as well as warm. She opted for a sandy wall colouring stuff (chosen to agree her bedroom) every bit good every bit warm natural materials inwards the cast of lite wood, soft linen as well as rattan, alongside the slightest hint of dark as well as greyness (post to follow tomorrow alongside the consummate run downward on the furniture, wall colours as well as lite fittings!). 

 After soundless my beating heart!

The combination of natural textures (which include soft linens, cotton, wood, rattan as well as paper) as well as muted, earthy tones cause got such a calming, cosy final result - which was peculiarly of import since it's quite a large opened upwards programme room (the dining area is on the other side of the room).  

The bulk of the sofa cushions are also yesteryear Bemz. Combining unlike colours as well as textures is a perfect means to add together warmth as well as somewhere you lot desire to sink into as well as chill all day!

Isn't it beautiful?! I seriously could cause got stayed all evening, maybe the calendar week (like a truthful surf coucher!). However, nosotros weren't quite finished alongside the shoot...

How most Ivy?

As I mentioned, i of the beauties of Bemz is that you lot tin easily update your furniture. I cause got a spare linen encompass for my sitting room sofa as well as thence that if something gets spilled (a regular occurrence inwards our solid - bah!), nosotros tin whisk off the covers as well as throw them inwards the machine.

As a reserve (and an update every bit the mood takes her!), Gen went for the Loose Fit Urban Brero Lino Ivy. Here it is: same room, same setting:

Isn't it smart?! I dearest the loose fit uban trend as well as beautiful Ivy hue. It's amazing how each of the colours pick out details inwards the room, making them to a greater extent than pronounced.

The cushions (covered inwards the same Pure Linen Brero Lino - Ivyfabric are pretty besides every bit you lot tin actually run into the texture as well as piping.

Aaaaaa, such a lovely space. She's managed to attain that illusive super calm, yet super cosy balance!

Which expect practice you lot prefer?

Could you lot imagine hanging out hither watching i besides many Netflix serial too?

If you'd similar to attain a similar expect (even if you lot don't cause got an sometime IKEA sofa or armchair knocking about, you lot tin ever pick i upwards minute manus online!) you lot tin notice to a greater extent than details here.  Oh as well as Bemz are offering free transportation only to My Scandinavian Home readers until the destination of July alongside code freeshipmsh (right inwards fourth dimension for the mid-season sale besides - yay!).

Have a lovely day!


Photography Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home. Interior Design Genevieve Jorn

This post service is brought to you lot inwards collaboration alongside Bemz, soundless all words are my ain as well as I only ever locomote alongside brands I dearest as well as intend you lot volition too. Thank you lot for supporting the businesses that build My Scandinavian Home possible.

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