My Small-Scale Dorsum Chiliad Gets A Cosy Make-Over - DESIGN SUMMER

My Small-Scale Dorsum Chiliad Gets A Cosy Make-Over


When nosotros moved into our solid 10 years agone the dorsum garden was completely derelict relieve for a patchy lawn as well as a pathway beaten inward past times neighbourhood cats! It looked completely uninviting! I induce got to confess, the English linguistic communication daughter inward me has ever pined for a large garden which I could fill upwardly amongst plants as well as flowers - therefore I was a footling sceptical well-nigh this aspect of the house. Over fourth dimension though, we've piece of cake chipped away at it - pulling upwardly the grass, adding climbers as well as perennials as well as lots of garden furniture. And therefore this week, nosotros spiced it upwardly amongst a charge of cosy pillows, blankets, lanterns as well as other accessories courtesy of my wonderful sponsor, Danish homeware build Nordal. It feels therefore much cosier now. I snapped a few pictures to part amongst you. I promise yous similar it every bit much every bit nosotros do! 

One of things I dearest the most is the chocolate-brown rust archway from a local garden centre - nosotros had to take away a department of the beech hedge to check it inward but the infinite at nowadays felt bigger. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 large umbrella also helped to create a to a greater extent than intimate feel, specially since our garden is overlooked.

I dearest lanterns, they assistance to low-cal upwardly the plants as well as flowers later nighttime as well as build a dorsum yard experience extra mysigt (plus they're perfect when Malmö is such a windy identify to live!).

Since the garden is surrounded past times hedges, the solely way to add together flowers such every bit these Anemones was to usage makeshift bloom boxes as well as plant pots. I've also got some pretty, terra cotta pots (see farther down) which I constitute at a local nursery.

We picked upwardly the L-shaped sofa a few years agone inward a garage sale (search for 'black rattan outdoor sofas' as well as I'm certain yous tin honor a similar one) - it's soooo comfortable! And fifty-fifty to a greater extent than therefore later throwing inward a charge of linen cushions as well as blankets. The girls similar to chill on the floor cushions!

I planted some mojito mint a few months agone as well as it's gone completely wild - which agency cocktails galore closed to hither - as well as fifty-fifty some left over to build tea. The brass tray is from Nordal.

Often oil lamps are a way meliorate road to induce got inward the garden than candles since they shelter the flaming as well as tin live refilled. Underneath the tabular array is a kilim carpet which I constitute inward my Danish neighbour's garage (thank yous Daphne!) - I dearest it but sadly it's non outdoor-proof therefore it'll demand to live taken indoors when the pelting comes downwards (read: often!). 

I dearest the patina on former terra cotta pots. This is i of my favourites (I've had it for years, it's perfect for lavander as well as salvia! 

Right. I induce got to confess - bamboo isn't the best outdoor slice of furniture choice for Sweden (if yous alive inward a wonderful consistently warm clime you're way meliorate off!). BUT it does await pretty nosotros idea we'd laissez passer it a teach as well as relish it piece it lasts (to arrive teach that footling flake farther nosotros throw it into storage over the winter) - nosotros bought this develop a few years agone but at that topographic point are lots of beautiful sets online! The linen blanket as well as chair cushions are both Nordal.

My Mother gave the antique bench to me every bit a introduce years agone - sadly it's therefore rusty these days that it's non actually possible to sit down on it, but I couldn't deport to portion amongst it therefore it at nowadays functions every bit somewhere to shop extra blankets as well as plants. 

The string lights actually add together that in conclusion impact inward the evenings - as well as they're therefore subtle too! I constitute these inward town, as well as I know at that topographic point are a charge on places similar Etsy

I promise yous enjoyed the tour! It's non a large space, but nosotros yell upwardly it's a super cosy identify for the identify unit of measurement to hang out in!  

In illustration you're curious well-nigh some of the accessories I added this week, here's the depression down: 
Get the look

1. Tall lantern
2. Small lantern
3. Dark grayness cushion cover
4. Raw metallic bench
5. Brass H2O pitcher
6. Natural linen blanket
7. Iron planter on stand
8. Chair pad
9. Natural linen cushion cover
10. Garden pruner
11. Ikat quilt
12. Brass tray

If you're curious well-nigh anything else you've seen only laissez passer me a yell inward the comment department below, I'd live to a greater extent than than happy to help!


This make-over was made possible amongst the assistance of Nordal. All design, styling as well as words are my ain as well as I solely ever piece of job amongst brands I dearest as well as yell upwardly yous volition too. Thank yous for supporting the companies that build fresh content possible.

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