The Fabulous Stockholm Dwelling Of Lovisa Häger - DESIGN SUMMER

The Fabulous Stockholm Dwelling Of Lovisa Häger

Hello there! Kind of tricky describe of piece of occupation concern this hump day, don't y'all think? It's when y'all realise there's entirely a few days left until the weekend in addition to yet you've got close a week's worth of stuff to exercise - bah! In my lagom book I wrote that no affair how busy y'all are - breaks are essential in addition to volition really laid upwards y'all to a greater extent than efficient - in addition to who am I to ignore this?! So, let's downwardly our tools, seat our feet upwards in addition to accept to a greater extent than or less guilt-free minutes to admire Lovisa Häger's beautiful Stockholm apartment! Lovisa is a Swedish interior designer, blogger, creative mortal in addition to economist! The contrast betwixt creation in addition to construction inward Lovisa's daily life is reflected inward her interior in addition to fine art where she looks to combine classic blueprint article of furniture with unexpected details to exercise an artistic in addition to personal home.

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Lovisa's domicile is made of off neutrals in addition to a nighttime grayness accent. I LOVE the agency Lovisa has used the accent shade to exercise a dramatic, yet cocoon similar experience inward the chamber in addition to cleverly carried it through to the primary living expanse inward the shape of skirting boards in addition to window frames for a genuinely striking effect! 

Intrusion print, mantis wall lamp*, the Härmanö bed inward Zaragoza Eggshell in addition to washed white linen bedding* are similar. 

 "The (interior) manner that I'm going for is classical in addition to Scandinavian with an edge! I honey soft colours in addition to tone-in-tone, in addition to I movement to compliment it with natural materials in addition to a few favorite designer pieces. I honey things that y'all spontaneously desire to aspect twice at, peradventure to sympathize the construction or origin, in addition to that's i of the primary reasons why my focus over the years has locomote DIY. When people instruct into our domicile they ever conduct maintain to proceed an 'exploration' to encounter my latest projects, as our domicile is inward constant modify they are ever real curious to encounter what has happened since concluding fourth dimension they visited!"

Floatation print, Lovisa made the tabular array herself, Wishbone chairs*

Serge Mouille wall lamp, Atollo tabular array lamp, Abstraction print

Lovisa made the java tabular array herself, source a similar beige waffle throw here.

Lovisa has late articulation forces with Wall of Art to convert her beautiful artwork into large scale, limited edition prints.

"The sentiment behind my fine art was really to exercise something that would compliment the interior inward my ain home, where the focal betoken is color in addition to structure - a feeling - rather than a motif. I conduct maintain been craving large paintings for a spell now, I desire artwork that isn't afraid to hold upwards noticed but that nevertheless isn't overpowering, in addition to therefore I've been working a lot with trying to notice that residuum through size in addition to soft tones. When working with interior design, I'd nation that artwork is the best agency to transform a infinite in addition to add together novel dimensions, and that's why I was in addition to therefore excited to accept on this project!"

I was in addition to therefore busy admiring Lovisa's artwork that it took me several moments to notice the cane radiator covering  - I mean, how beautiful is that?! Trying to yell upwards where I tin hand notice incoporate the same sentiment into my ain home. Hmmm

Flos Snoopy tabular array lamp*

 Source a similar vintage credenza here*, Perception print

In the concluding motion-picture present y'all tin hand notice also encounter a close-up of the beautiful parquet flooring which looks similar it's been sanded downwardly in addition to white washed, it looks peculiarly bully adjacent to the nighttime grayness skirting boards.


I must nation I've got a serious representative of domicile envy over this i - anyone else feeling the same? So much so, that I powerfulness only conduct maintain to hop over to Lovisa's 'An Interior Affair' instagram in addition to blog (I postulate to notice out to a greater extent than close the DIY tables!) - encounter y'all there?!

And for to a greater extent than Stockholm apartments similar this I'd recommend these tours: Karolina Modig's creative home, a striking Swedish domicile with a wall of books in addition to the beautiful Stockholm domicile of Amelia Widell.

Happy hump day!

(is it only me or is this term a footling awkward alongside Brits?!).


Photography: Jesper Florbrant / Lovisa Häger 

FYI - to a greater extent than or less if these pictures conduct maintain been taken from Lovisa's instagram which conduct maintain been taken over time. This is why y'all powerfulness encounter the same item appear to a greater extent than than i time (The Kinfolk Home*, I'm looking at you!). 

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