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The Lovely Abode Of Émilie Desjarlais

Why, hullo there! How's your calendar week panning out? Mine seems to hold upward disappearing at a rapid rate, but I did disclose myself stopping for a very long breather when I stumbled across this beautiful dwelling (take a await below together with I'm certain you'll totally empathise why!). I also couldn't resist getting inward impact amongst the French Canadian possessor Émilie Desjarlais of Brook & Peony to a disclose out a trivial to a greater extent than close her wabi-sabi home, which she shares amongst her adorable trivial girl. Enjoy the tour!

Where create you lot live?
In a 700 feet foursquare studio inward Saint-Lambert, Canada.

What create you lot create for a living?
I'm really trying to figure out what would hold upward the ideal career to guide maintain together with a salubrious residual amongst my immature daughter. I'm currently doing visual content creation together with interior styling.

Can you lot tell us a trivial to a greater extent than close your home?
I'm renting an aeroplane inward a edifice from 1900. The owners kept most of the master construction including the hook human foot tub, windows together with floors. I'm real lucky to alive inward such a beautiful solid together with neighborhood. 

How would you lot push clitoris your style?
My manner is real bipolar. I can't stick amongst 1 item style! It's influenced past times inspiration, trends together with my travels. I would nation it's Minimalist/Scandinavian/ Beach shack/ Antique.

Has living inward Montreal influenced your style?
Yes because our rents aren't every bit expensive every bit the repose of Canada then nosotros tin give the sack alive inward a identify amongst a lot of infinite without going bankrupt! Since I've solely lived inward quondam apartments, I guide maintain learned how to brand the most of what I have. Old apartments don't necessarily hateful they're build clean together with inward a practiced condition. This is really the commencement identify I haven't had to create anything. I solely request to pigment it together with alter the lite fixtures. 

What is of import to you lot when creating a solid unit of measurement home?
Since my missy is real young, making it accessible together with security was my top priority. To proceed my sanity I also made our living infinite real minimalistic. To acquire inward experience similar a home, I believe you lot request to environment yourself amongst objects together with slice of furniture you lot love together with set your pump into it.

Your dwelling has a lovely, organic experience to it. Do you lot guide maintain whatsoever tips for anyone looking to create a similar await together with feel?
My best advice is to guide maintain your time. In August, it volition hold upward 1 yr since nosotros moved inward together with it's solely simply starting to experience similar home. To create an organic experience you lot guide maintain to alive somewhere for a acre together with disclose the agency you lot role the space. 

I empathise you lot guide maintain a background every bit an artist, tin give the sack you lot tell us a trivial to a greater extent than close your work?
I haven't created for 2 years. This is why I guide maintain turned my creative issue energy to content creation. I promise to hold upward able to create in 1 lawsuit to a greater extent than soon. For directly Instagram is the best identify to follow me.

Which are your go-to instagram accounts for inspiration? 
I'm real lucky to telephone band @kara_bino, @audreyrivet together with @oohdearjade my friends. And my favourite Instagram feeds for Scandinavian inspiration are @hej.mia, @mamoesjka_nl together with @tintaluhrman

And finally, create you lot guide maintain whatsoever shopping tips for anyone visiting Montreal? 
I operate at @cheznouschezvous a brick together with mortage boutique inward my town . The possessor has a lot to create amongst my passion for scandinavian interiors! If you're inward downtown Montreal you lot guide maintain to halt at @maison_pepin (, @prunellefurniture together with @commedesenfants.

Thank you lot then much for welcoming us into your beautiful dwelling Émelie! 

If you lot don't already follow Brook & Peony on instagram - it's an absolute must!!

And for to a greater extent than Canadian inspiration today I absolutely love this studio aeroplane inward Montreal together with an idyllic Scandinavian-style cottage overlooking Lake Huron. Guh! I'd then love to catch Canada , it's a dream of mine (and directly we've got a whole charge of shopping tips for Montreal too!). Have you lot been?

I'm heading off for a photograph shoot on a beach this evening. The Sun doesn't laid until 10.00pm together with it never really gets completely nighttime correct directly - every bit a outcome the lite is absolutely magical! I solely promise I tin give the sack capture it (I've never done a beach shoot earlier - eeeek - wishing me luck!). I'm looking frontward to sharing the results amongst you lot inward few weeks time, inward the meantime, experience complimentary to follow along on stories (all tips welcome!).

Have a beautiful evening!


All photography  © Émilie Desjarlais / Brook & Peony

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