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Theo's Charming, Bohemian-Style Habitation Inwards Berlin

We've had quite a few pared-back homes on the spider web log this calendar week thus it's definitely fourth dimension to milkshake things upwards a little, don't y'all think? Plus it's Fri - woohoo! So, today I'm bringing y'all the charming, boho domicile of Theo Melnik. Theo lives inwards Berlin alongside her boyfriend, herd of cats, countless plants in addition to merely about real fine second-hand finds. Here's Theo to say y'all a niggling to a greater extent than well-nigh her delightful abode inwards her ain words...

Where is your apartment? 
It's inwards Berlin, inwards Neukölln truly :)

What produce y'all produce work-wise?
I am a copywriter / content creator. Essentially, I truly dearest writing in addition to taking pictures, in addition to basically that is what I produce for a hobby in addition to also for my project #bestlife

You produce indeed! Can y'all pull the layout of your storey a little?
We conduct maintain i bedroom, a living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, in addition to a pantry.

What's your decorating philosophy?
I e'er await at materials. I similar 'real' materials similar wood, brass, marble in addition to things similar that. However, that doesn't hateful it e'er needs to live expensive. For example, we've merely built a kitchen surface using OSB in addition to I totally dearest it. I merely don't similar it when materials pretend to live something they're non (like plastic veneers for example). Other than that I dearest mixing sometime in addition to novel (with in all likelihood to a greater extent than sometime stuff). I also dearest pattern classics, but ideally used ones, from their master copy fourth dimension period. "

How produce y'all pick out pieces for your home?
Honestly, sometimes I intend items alternative me. I oftentimes merely pass hours on ebay searching for materials (or item finishings) I similar at the instant in addition to and then come across what comes my way. I've constitute many of my favourite pieces that way.

Do y'all conduct maintain a favourite room? 
That's a difficult one. I dearest them all. I approximate whichever is the tidiest at whatsoever given moment? Right straight off I in all likelihood similar the kitchen best but I am planning a semi-major sleeping room update presently (which my fellow doesn't know well-nigh yet....) which I promise to portion soon. So my favourite room mightiness alter inwards the close futurity ;) 

And produce y'all conduct maintain a favourite piece?
Oh wow, that's fifty-fifty harder! It's in all likelihood real lightheaded but I absolutely dearest my cutlery - I got 2 vintage brass sets in addition to adore both (though i of them is even thus my absolute favourite). We also merely got a dishwasher in addition to it's a game changer. Oh in addition to the mirror inwards the sleeping room in addition to the kitchen tabular array (which I bought respectively for 1€ in addition to 1,50€ on ebay, which is incredible).

Ha! That's iv pieces - but we'll forgive you, every bit your domicile is total of beautiful treasures thus we'd detect it difficult to alternative i too!

Thank y'all thus much for the tour in addition to telling us a niggling to a greater extent than well-nigh your home!

Theo shares daily snapshots of her domicile over on instagram.

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Have a fabulous weekend all!

PS 5 ways to add together the Swedish dearest of residuum into your life.

Photography: Theodore Melnik shared alongside form permission. 

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