A Brilliant In Addition To Airy Portland Abode Inwards Sepia Tones - DESIGN SUMMER

A Brilliant In Addition To Airy Portland Abode Inwards Sepia Tones

Gog morgon vännen! How was your weekend?! The official vacation calendar month has started hither inwards Sweden. Swedes everywhere are rushing off to summertime cottages, mapping out route trips or only wondering downwards to the nearest bathing desk inwards their dressing gown for a morgon dopp (morning dip!). We're currently inwards Varberg on Sweden's West coast (a fleck of a surfer's spot) in addition to I'm enjoying an hour's let out from my menage unit of measurement (eeek, is that mean?! I practice dear them really, it's precisely that, you lot know, schoolhouse holidays in addition to all that...!). I idea I'd direct keep an hour, pour myself a java in addition to nosotros could virtually carry ourselves to Portland Oregon in addition to the dwelling of assistant interior, prop stylist in addition to interior designer Ezz Wilson, what practice ya think?! Recently featured inwards Rue Magazine, Ezz's brilliant in addition to airy dwelling is delightfully sepia (cue: white alongside touches of tan, rust in addition to ochre) alongside natural textures throughout. I caught upward alongside Ezz to abide by out to a greater extent than virtually it!

Can you lot tell us a piddling virtually the history of the house? 
The solid is a 100-year-old, one-time farmhouse that was turned into a multi-family building, in addition to and therefore dorsum into a house, in addition to and therefore humbly patched in addition to slap-dashed together earlier nosotros moved in. So, needless to say, the layout is somewhat wonky! So much therefore that nosotros almost didn't larn the house. But it felt therefore cozy in addition to charming that nosotros decided to accommodate to the layout every bit best nosotros could. But in that location are days when you lot abide by a hidden chimney stack inwards the TV room wall or a mysterious doorway outline appears inwards the bedchamber wall every bit the foundation settles over fourth dimension in addition to the drywall cracks in addition to you lot recall to yourself, "What on earth??" The size of the solid is virtually 1500 foursquare feet.

Stockholm 2017 chair, Chemex java maker*round handbasket bag*, The Scandinavian Home (so happy to location this on Ezz's java table!). 

How would you lot depict your color scheme?
Lots of whites, creams, in addition to forest tones, but lately I'm adding some earthy colors similar terracotta, rust, warm blush in addition to ochre. I recall that's virtually every bit wild every bit it's gonna larn at my house! 

Kitchen from IKEA.

What inspires you?
I grew upward inwards a sunny climate inwards the U.S., inwards a Puerto Rican family, in addition to was heavily influenced past times the Mediterranean in addition to Caribbean, although I didn't attention for those styles every bit a kid. If you lot told me that when I grew up, my solid would halt upward total of rattan in addition to wicker, I in all likelihood would've cried! When I was 19, I moved to Sweden for virtually half dozen months, in addition to I recall that must direct keep influenced my dear for Scandinavian pattern every bit well. 

For a long time, I've felt that my fashion was the dear fry betwixt a serene Swedish minimalist in addition to a bohemian, beach-loving Spaniard, fifty-fifty though I wasn't certain how to execute that combination at first. But I lastly narrowed inwards on what I actually wanted this dwelling to hold off in addition to experience like. I demand lots of white, calm in addition to laid upward clean lines inwards my dwelling to experience relaxed in addition to clear-headed. Yet, I also demand enough of warmth, natural fibers in addition to folky 70s vibes to larn me through the long, nighttime winters of Portland in addition to aid me experience to a greater extent than connected to my roots in addition to culture. 

I'm also rattling inspired past times the pattern coming out of Byron Bay, Australia, every bit good every bit French magazines such every bit Maison Cote Sud, Toc Toc Toc Editions in addition to Milk Decoration!

You direct keep some beautiful pieces inwards your home, where practice you lot shop?
I've works life a lot of dandy pieces through my local thrift stores, Craigslist, World Market, Urban Outfitters in addition to Target. I also dear the next ethically minded companies: Fine Life Co - a beautifully curated store inwards Arizona that by in addition to large sells ethically made vesture but has some lovely ceramics also (and the store possessor Emily Benziger has a gorgeous home!), Bohemia Designs for Moroccan straw bags, stools etc in addition to Bea Linen* for linen sheets.

Can you lot recommend 3 inspiring Instagram trouble organisation human relationship 'must follows'?!

The loft infinite has been painted inwards the faintest hint of pinkish which goes beautifully alongside the rust coloured cushions!

Thank you lot therefore much for inviting us into your lovely dwelling Ezz! 

If you'd similar to come across to a greater extent than pictures, cheque out Ezz's instagram feed in addition to also issue 50 of Rue Magazine, for the total write-up! 

And for to a greater extent than 'sepia' dwelling inspiration today I'm loving this cosy weatherboard cottage, white in addition to warm brownish tones inwards a lovely Swedish home in addition to a soothing white in addition to caramel home

I'm curious, is this your sort of scheme, or practice you lot demand to a greater extent than colour? 

Due to the (aforementioned) vacation hither inwards Sweden my blogging is going minimalist in addition to I'll live stopping inwards every other twenty-four hours instead of everyday (I promise that's OK?!). 

 Have a wonderful distich of days in addition to come across you lot Wednesday!


Photogtaphy past times Chris Dibble for Rue magazine except pictures 4, nine in addition to xiv (taken past times Ezz Wilson). 

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