A Cosy Danish Loft Amount Of Plants & Vintage Treasures - DESIGN SUMMER

A Cosy Danish Loft Amount Of Plants & Vintage Treasures

Despite haling from London together with existence real much a metropolis girl, I do dear to leave of absence into the bully broad opened upwards together with forget myself for a while. This summertime we're isle hopping on Sweden's due west coast. If you've never been to this role of the world, it's a must! The nature is absolutely breath-taking (keep an optic out on my stories to run into to a greater extent than if you're curious - I'd go together with thus happy to part my tips with you!).  Another daughter afterward my ain pump is Juila, founder of the delightful weblog Copenhagen Wilderness. When Juila's non inwards her charming, boho loft inwards the pump of Copenhagen which she shares with her swain Allan, Norwegian Forest truthful cat Elmer, she's staking out remote wood cabins inwards the Scandinavian countryside. Here's a glimpse into Juila's inspiring world!

Molecular pendant light*, Macrame wall hanging*, Tolix chair*

How did Copenhagen Wilderness begin?
"I started blogging 5 years agone every bit a educatee nurse. I dear DIY, plants together with interior pattern together with thus it speedily evolved. Now I also weblog almost small-scale run a hazard travels - almost giung out into nature together with living the elementary life inwards wood cabins together with all sorts of other peculiar small-scale 'shelters'. I dear metropolis life hither inwards Copenhagen, but I also dear the wilderness, together with thus I unite them."

Perhaps this is why Juila's 124 metre foursquare (1334 feet square) exposed brick together with white washed loft is also filled with greenery together with globe colours, which sit down alongside beautiful Danish pattern pieces together with other 2nd manus finds.

Reema flooring cushion*, source a Louis Poulsen pendant light here*

Your abode is total of beautiful pieces, how do you lot source them?
"I dear onetime Danish pattern from the 50's-70's together with sometimes I teach lucky together with notice something bully on DBA or at a flea market. I dear a practiced treasure hunt!"

The room divider was custom made past times @jernogglas using 4 double doors which tin flame go opened correct out to do i large room.  

A lot of your article of furniture looks beautifully crafted together with I also spot many natural textures, was this a deliberate choice?
"I dear the thought of buying article of furniture that's practiced character together with based on a to a greater extent than sustainable mindset, together with thus I'm also willing to pay to a greater extent than to ensure practiced quality, that is also based on witting together with responsible sourcing."

I dear your concrete floor, did you lot lay it or was it already inwards place? 
"We set it along with a wooden herringbone floor. I've e'er loved the raw await of concrete together with it fits the New York loft await that I'm drawn to. Also, it's practical together with slow to clean."

For a similar look, endeavor this ochre bed setand kilim cushion*.

What's adjacent inwards the populace of Copenhagen Wilderness?
"Now I'm looking to purchase myself a small-scale wood cabin inwards southern sweden."

I can't hold off to run into what it volition go like, tin flame you?! Perhaps it volition go similar to unopen to of the spectacular cabins Juila has visited inwards Sweden late - similar Naturbyn floating cabin on lake Eldan?!

I can't believe this cabin is alone half-dozen hours effort from my household - I powerfulness only convey to pay a visit! Is this your variety of over nighttime remain too? If so, you lot powerfulness similar to cheque out the total characteristic from Juila's overnight remain here - such stunning pictures!

In fact, if you're visiting Sweden together with dear to remain inwards places that are a lilliputian out of the ordinary, await no farther than Juila's instagram feed, I've never seen together with thus many wonderful places!

Do whatsoever grab your eye?!

You tin flame proceed an also proceed an optic on her latest interior projects together with travels on her weblog Copenhagen Wilderness.

And for to a greater extent than beautiful Danish interior inspiration, cheque out these Copenhagen abode tours.

See you lot Wednesday!


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