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A Small, Withal Rattling Inspiring Studio Apartment!

I've shown many, many tiny habitation on wheels!  And today I stumbled on around other inspirational modest infinite - the studio storey of Lauren Maclean. Located inward Montreal, Canada, Lauren's habitation is a mere 500 foursquare human foot (46 foursquare metre).  Dramatic high ceilings as well as beautiful stream features render a bang backdrop for a blend of vintage as well as mid-century pieces besides every bit around bang industrial plant of art. It actually does become to show, that around of the best homes come upwardly inward modest packages, don't yous agree?!

Photography - Lauren Maclean

What a peachy space? The to a greater extent than I hold back at the pictures, the to a greater extent than I notice! 

I specially honey the one-off vintage pieces, mid-century slice of furniture as well as lighting (how fab is that Pelle chandelier ceiling light?!). How well-nigh you? 

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 quick banking firm complaint on where around of the other fundamental pieces are from: fine art (over desk) past times Lysa JordanWishbone chair, modern dresser, sofa past times design republic,

You tin dismiss run into to a greater extent than of Lauren's storey over on her fab instagram feed, as well as a total interview here.  

Have a lovely day!

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