A Beautiful Gothenburg Infinite Inward White In Addition To Brown - DESIGN SUMMER

A Beautiful Gothenburg Infinite Inward White In Addition To Brown

Is at that spot an exact slice of slice of furniture you've been hunting downwardly for years but never quite found?! I can't say you lot how long I've been looking for a beautiful farmhouse table. You know the one. Rustic, beautiful grains. The type of tabular array where every nick in addition to scratch tells a story. Admittedly the tabular array inwards my dining area does induce got my daughter's names etched on it inwards biro, but this doesn't actually count, does it?! What I'd honey is a tabular array travel past times similar the i inwards this lovely Stockholm even (could it endure a re-purposed door?). Actually, could I'd induce got the entire even to become amongst it?! I mean, isn't it beautiful? The large, spacious rooms, double doors, traditional masonry oven, all that light! And in addition to thence they've gone in addition to decorated it inwards white, muted browns in addition to only a hint of dark in addition to tarnished brass. Could you lot imagine living here?


Source: Bjurfors.

Sooo lovely, don't you lot think?

Get the look: dining area - Bentwood chairs, traditional brass candlesticks (or source vintage ones here), this abstract artwork is similar every bit is this chandelier, selection upward a brass bar cart similar this i here. sitting room - this rug is similar. children's bedroom - this is a bang-up identify to selection upward vintage schoolhouse desks. bedroom  Ikea flooring lamp, white linen bedset.

It's the in conclusion twenty-four sixty minutes current of filming hither inwards the Hudson Valley - 3 long, but amazing days. I can't hold off to demo you lot the project!  I'll endure piteous to larn out tomorrow morn but thence looking forwards to seeing the human being an my girls!

Have a lovely day! 

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