A Beautiful, Relaxed Swedish Province Home - DESIGN SUMMER

A Beautiful, Relaxed Swedish Province Home

Hej hej! Its my 2nd twenty-four hours hither inwards the Hudson Valley - in addition to all going good (promise I'll hold upward able to disclose all soon!). It's such a beautiful purpose of the world, stimulate got you lot been? I've been in 1 trial earlier to photograph a brace of homes for my get-go mass Modern Pastoral Its my 2nd twenty-four hours hither inwards the Hudson Valley  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 beautiful, relaxed Swedish province home in addition to hence excited to hold upward back! I practice honey province homes amongst a modern twist no affair where inwards the world. This abode inwards Borås, West Sweden, for example, is hence inspiring!  It belongs to Swedish interior stylist in addition to blogger Johanna Flyckt Gashi, hubby Luzim in addition to their 3 children, in addition to has been furnished amongst an amazing blend of vintage, flea marketplace position finds, handmade pieces in addition to lots of fine art which makes the abode a genuinely warm in addition to inviting. Let's accept a tour...

Photography / styling: Johanna Flyckt Gashi - shared amongst sort permission.  

I honey how this infinite is at in 1 trial recognisable as Johanna's home. She's got such a unique trend which stands the essay of fourth dimension (I showed her abode a few years agone here  in addition to I mean value it looks as proficient in addition to hence as it does today, don't you lot reckon?!).

Get the await from Johanna's wonderful home: Sitting room - selection upward a vintage metallic folding chair here, mustard coloured throw, source a vintage dark scissor light here. Bedroom - I honey this pale gray stonewashed bed linen (and it's inwards the sale too!).

If you're doing upward a province abode (or actually, but desire to wile away an lx minutes about - in addition to why not I say?!)  kicking dorsum in addition to taste this lovely archive (makes me desire to motility to the province - how almost you?!).

Have a lovely day!

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