A Swedish Abode Amongst Hitting Contrasts - DESIGN SUMMER

A Swedish Abode Amongst Hitting Contrasts

Heeeeejsan! Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 for sure soul inwards our family is turning ix tomorrow in addition to nosotros cause got birthday's very seriously, later all yous alone plow ix in i lawsuit right?!  In betwixt preparations for the breakfast inwards bed, giant decorations in addition to the birthday tea, I idea I'd cause got a minute inwards my office where it's lugn och ro (peaceful!) in addition to portion this wonderful Gothenburg aeroplane amongst you. What struck me the most nearly this elegant infinite dating dorsum to the 1890s is the contrast - I absolutely honey the night woods floors against the fresh white walls in addition to the fabulous chequer flooring inwards the hallway.  One genuinely inspiring infinite indeed, don't yous agree?!

This magnificent aeroplane is for sale through Bjurfors. Photography: Alen Cordic. Styling: Intro Inred.

Wow! It's thus striking!  I honey all the textures likewise - leather, canvas, wood, glass, plants etc. They add together a really cosy touch.

Is at that spot anything that stands out to yous nearly this flat?

Get the look:  sitting room -
Stockholm chair Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 for sure soul inwards our family is turning  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Swedish habitation amongst striking contrasts from IKEA (I've only bought this my ain habitation - it's beautiful!), source a vintage programme breast here Safari chair inwards canvas, black sheepskin throw. Bedroom - Karin armchair yesteryear Bruno Mathsson for DUX® 1969. Kitchen - selection upwardly a dark dining tabular array here, I honey these edison-style string lights.

Does anyone know the cite of the brass ceiling low-cal inwards the kitchen (I'm for sure a few of yous are wondering too?!)? If so, it would locomote wonderful if yous tin allow us out of our misery inwards the comment department below!

Looking for a picayune to a greater extent than inspiration? Other beautiful homes designed amongst contrast include this amazing French home (probably i of my favourite kitchen / dining spaces ever!), a dark in addition to white Swedish home, in addition to a dramatic Swedish infinite amongst night walls. Ohhhh, thus lovely. Having lightened upwardly my entire habitation - these spaces really brand me desire to teach for night floors all over over again (don't whatever yous do, country the man....!).

Have a lovely day!

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