Bohemian Affect Inwards A Magnificent Berlin Apartment - DESIGN SUMMER

Bohemian Affect Inwards A Magnificent Berlin Apartment

Have you lot e'er been to Berlin? Or perchance you're lucky plenty to alive there? I've visited a few times over the by few years in addition to it's fast piece of employment yesteryear ane of my favourite cities. One memorable eve nosotros wondered through the Kreuzberg district which is a actually vibrant business office of town in addition to really cool, inwards an edgy, bohemian agency (I was inwards awe!). That's likely why I was in addition to thus excited to stumble across this incredible bird inwards the same area. Owner Karina in addition to her hubby direct maintain decorated the infinite amongst restraint - choosing a few carefully selected pieces each amongst a story to tell - in addition to at the same fourth dimension allowing the magnificent architecture to direct maintain centre stage. And who improve to capture the infinite than Jules Villebrandt of herz und blut?! Let's direct maintain a tour...

Photography: Jules Villbrandt. Home-owner: Karina.

What a beautiful apartment! Those floors! That ceiling.... I honey the agency an upper department inwards the kitchen has been left inwards it's master copy state, really beautiful don't you lot think?

Get the expect from Karina's apartment: souce a beautiful, colourful boucherouite carpeting here, this is a neat source for made-to-measure dual toned linen curtains, Angelpoise lamp.

You tin encounter to a greater extent than pics in addition to read a total interview over on herz und blut here.

You mightiness equally good similar to direct maintain a peek at a mid-century inspired Berlin home,  a Berlin dwelling total of contrast in addition to a calm Berlin dwelling amongst a modern twist. So inspiring!

Oh and  something else you lot may detect interesting (at to the lowest degree I did!) - this graphic maps out the top interior pattern trends for each the U.S.A. state, who knew?!

And finally, don't immature adult woman my sitting room refresh amongst Bemz tomorrow - am in addition to thus excited to last sharing it amongst you!

Have a lovely day! 

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