Classic Meets Contemporary Inward A Stockholm Home - DESIGN SUMMER

Classic Meets Contemporary Inward A Stockholm Home

Hej hej! I'm dorsum at my desk subsequently the holidays, the rain's coming downwards inward sheets exterior together with there's something form of overnice together with cosy close it. Plus my office is feeling super organised (it's got that sort of dorsum to schoolhouse vibe close it!), wonder how long that volition last?! (I'm told the to a greater extent than messy your desk, the to a greater extent than creative you lot are, which I accept slap-up comfort from!). Anyhooo, on alongside today's tour! This lovely Stockholm infinite seems to arrive at only the correct residuum betwixt classic together with contemporary cheers to relaxed linens together with traditional kitchen units combined alongside modern fine art photography, a solid soil of the fine art bike together with a sleek bird enshroud TV! I particularly similar the sleeping accommodation - it's together with therefore uncomplicated notwithstanding has such a calm, relaxed feel. Step inside....

Photographer: Mikael Axelsson Styling: Katia Thoger. For sale via Fantastic Frank

Happy to reckon ii of my favourite plants inward this home. H5N1 serial of 'Chinese coin plants' (on the kitchen windowsill). The beauty of these plants is non entirely create they await lovely, they're too actually slowly to popular off on live (result!). But best of all, they self seed together with therefore the pot is e'er total of novel shoots which tin live replanted. Love that!

The other is the national bloom of South Africa - 'king protea'. This has of late popped upwardly inward flowershops all over town together with I absolutely honey the pinkish hue. I get got discovered that it's as beautiful dried! Perfect!

Check out these Jeska Hearn's home!).

Oh, together with this is a slap-up source for novel photo art.

Is at that topographic point anything you lot honey inward item close this home?

If it's raining where you lot are together with you're having a irksome twenty-four hr current - you lot tin e'er pour yourself a delicious loving cup of java together with scroll through the swedish apartments archive (if this comes upwardly first, only scroll passed).

Have a slap-up day!

PS The American version of my novel mass (Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life) is straightaway on Amazon together with available to pre-order heres coming downwards inward sheets exterior together with at that topographic point Classic meets contemporary inward a Stockholm home (same tips, ideas etc dissimilar cover!) - together with therefore exciting!

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