Si's Lovely San Francisco Home - DESIGN SUMMER

Si's Lovely San Francisco Home

Hello! I promise you're having a slap-up day? I'm on my means to Northern Kingdom of Norway for an Arctic sailing trip with or in addition to thus girlfriends - crazy, merely hopefully lots of fun (keep an oculus on Instagram stories for updates if you're curious!). I wanted to popular inwards on road to percentage this beautiful abode amongst you. The even out belongs to the wonderful Si, blogger behind French By Design in addition to is located on the overstep flooring of a Victorian edifice inwards San Francisco. I'm loving the nighttime flooring against the fresh white walls, mid-century touches in addition to mustard accents!

Photos / Interior design: Si - French By Design

Soooo lovely!

H5N1 few items I know in addition to honey (in gild of appearance): Juju hat, Tom Ford book I wanted to popular inwards on road to percentage this beautiful abode amongst yous Si's lovely San Francisco home , source a mid-century credenza here, natural leather pouf (love this!), knot cushion.

For to a greater extent than pictures in addition to notes on where items are from, hop on over to Si's weblog here. And accept a tour of her previous abode here.

Have a lovely day!

PS I received a Federal Reserve annotation yesterday to nation my weblog was downloading actually piece of cake - is anyone else having this issue? If so, delight hand me a holler inwards the comment department below! 

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