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Small Infinite Inspiration From A Swedish Home

Why hullo there! I promise you've had a non bad week? I've merely arrived home, together with it's sooooo prissy to live on dorsum (take a sneak peak at the results of the projection I've been working on this calendar week here) - fifty-fifty if I am a piffling jet lagged! In my hazy solid soil I stumbled across this piffling Swedish pad on Pinterest together with it totally perked me up! I dear how the minor infinite has been put out amongst a hallway, kitchen (how lovely are those cabinets?), dining area, together with sitting room - such non bad inspiration for anyone looking to pattern inward a tight spot!

Source: Eric Olsson

The drinking glass room divider is such a clever reckon every bit it creates a separate zone for the entrance, without losing whatever calorie-free - perfect! I also dear how the kitchen goes correct the means along the dorsum wall (it helps that it's the nicest kitchen E.V.E.R too, what create y'all say?!). 

Is at that spot anything y'all dear inward detail near this home?

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 duad of items I know together with love  - I intend these are IKEA kitchen cabinets - am I right? Bistro chairs, this table amongst a concrete surface is similar.

Since this weekend is fast becoming an official annual 'blog holiday' inward the calendar, I'm next adjust together with taking a piffling fourth dimension off to recover from my trip together with hang out amongst my (neglected!) family.

I promise y'all stimulate got a really relaxing long weekend together with encounter y'all Tuesday!

PS encounter a whole charge to a greater extent than beautiful minor infinite inspiration here

PPS Any tips on staying awake together with beating jet lag?

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