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Styling A Small-Scale Space, The Swedish Way

It's been a spell since I've shown a domicile from Scandinavia - which feels pretty strange, given the alias of my blog! Since we're immediately dorsum security together with audio inwards Scandinavia (moored inwards Rødvig, a angling hamlet South of Copenhagen to live on precise), I idea it was definitely nigh time! It's difficult to envisage that this delightful infinite inwards Gothenburg is a mere 37 foursquare metres (398 foursquare feet - I had to double depository fiscal establishment fit this conversion equally I'm forever getting it wrong!). The illusion of infinite is largely thank y'all to clever styling tricks past times Emma Fischer - who's made role of the vertical infinite together with maintained the same light, coloring system throughout. Enjoy the tour!

Photography: Maria Sahlander / Styling Emma Fischer. For sale through Bjurfors

I tin totally imagine padding around inwards this lovely apartment, how nigh you?!

Get the look: sitting room - prints / posters: ADORAY, Eyes Wide Shut, The lady inwards the bathroom,
source similar nest tables here - love it!). Kitchen - bentwood chair, bumling pendant light.

If you'd similar to induce got a peek at other pocket-size spaces today drive this archive (although rattling unlike from the above, I am even thence thinking nigh this wonderful studio I featured the other week...isn't it fab?!).

Have a lovely day!

PS Thank y'all for all your amazingly positive feedback on my here and on Instagram - genuinely heartwarming!

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