A Traditional Swedish Habitation Alongside A Modern Touching On - DESIGN SUMMER

A Traditional Swedish Habitation Alongside A Modern Touching On

It e'er takes me such a long fourth dimension to create anything on a Friday, it's equally if my encephalon thinks it's already the weekend - create y'all uncovering this?! This agency I instruct very behind, too amongst my oculus on the prize (I've been dreaming of a G+T - note: I conk on a stock of chopped upwards lemon too lime inward the freezer for this rattling occasion) - too I've got to instruct my human activeness together if I'd similar to complete inward fourth dimension for a Sun downer! So, on amongst today's tour. And cause got I got a lovely habitation to percentage amongst you! This story caught my oculus cheers to the way it combines onetime too new. Each room includes unique pieces of article of furniture too quirky touches which add together a wonderful feel of grapheme to the space. Enjoy!

Photography: Anders Bergstedt. Styling Anna Furbacken - for Entrance

I dear all the current features too traditional touches (how dandy are those windows?) too equally good smaller touches similar the built inward shelf inward a higher house the bed. 

Does anything grab your eye?

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 yoke of items I love: source a mid-century credenza / side tabular array window nook -  they allow off a lovely low-cal too final way longer than candles). For a modern version endeavor the Patina stone oil lamp past times Klong.

I promise y'all cause got a wonderful weekend!

PS If y'all cause got the fourth dimension (it truly entirely takes a mo!), don't forget to instruct inward the Nest.co.uk give-away to win a (fab) cushion too a re-create of my novel book!

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