An Inspiring Abode Where Ii Worlds Meet - DESIGN SUMMER

An Inspiring Abode Where Ii Worlds Meet

There are as well as then many inspiring people out there, doing wonderful things. One of them is Manon Hanssen Meyering.  Manon describes herself every bit a 'mother, editor, healer as well as an activist (among other things), as well as shares the most beautiful snapshots of her 'rainbow describe solid unit of measurement on safari through life' inwards Amsterdam as well as Republic of Kenya on her website as well as Instagram feed 'The Life Traveller'. Along alongside partner Michel, Manon founded The Life Traveller foundation which aims to amend the lineament of life of those inwards take away inwards Republic of Kenya through small, person-oriented aid using the motto: “Small aid, bully impact.” Helping others helping themselves has ever been the primary goal. Temporarily closed, she likewise runs the store Naramatisho selling Kenyan handicraft inwards an endeavour to back upwards her friends inwards Republic of Kenya to construct a positive beingness (read the total flush here). Manon's ain living infinite combines Kenyan handicrafts, treasured artifacts, vintage finds as well as contemporary pattern to do a genuinely inspiring describe solid unit of measurement home. Let's accept a tour!

Photography - Manon Hanssen Meyering - give thank yous you to Igor at Happy Interior Blog for the tip!

What an incredible space? It's as well as then inspiring how ii worlds own got blended inwards such a beautiful way!

Is in that place anything that stands out to you?

You tin run into to a greater extent than beautiful pictures of Manon's habitation as well as life on Instagram as well as read to a greater extent than nigh her practise every bit a healer here.  If you'd similar to spread a fiddling dear as well as brand a donation to the worthwhile causes covered past times The life Traveller, banking firm stand upwards for out this page.

Looking for a fiddling to a greater extent than inspiration this weekend? You mightiness similar to banking firm stand upwards for out the Bohemian style archive - which includes approximately of my favourite homes ever!

Have a wonderful weekend as well as run into yous Monday!

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