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How To Innovate Subtle Colours Into Your Home

You know how sometimes y'all encounter someone simply yesteryear conduct a opportunity together with you're non certain how y'all haven't met before? home inwards a converted school. Last Friday, Tina invited me over to her beautiful domicile inwards Eslöv, Skåne for luncheon (she makes a hateful pumpkin together with zucchini lasagne!). I couldn't resist taking along my photographic goggle box camera together with grilling Tina on her personal style, thoughts on color together with other things nigh household unit of measurement life inwards a beautiful 1920's Southern Sweden home!

NB: What outset attracted y'all to the house?
TL: I've ever loved houses from the 1920's: they receive got such a prissy atmosphere together with the stuff choices are genuine together with historic catamenia amongst beauty. We instantly brutal inwards dearest amongst the beauty of the job solid together with garden together with felt it was something special. Although the job solid is inwards a residential area, the garden is unopen off together with feels similar it's inwards the countryside. I dearest to pass fourth dimension inwards the garden.

NB: What renovations receive got y'all carried out?
TL: We completely changed the layout of the kitchen/ dining expanse yesteryear vehement downwards the dividing wall to create ane large room together with adding a door out to the terrace (which nosotros also built). I dearest the novel layout together with stepping out into the garden to relish a java inwards the morn sun. We also built a fireplace betwixt the dining room together with living room which has been a fantastic investment for tumble together with winter. Not solely does it boot the bucket on us toasty, it’s also hence prissy to sit down inwards front end of it when it’s grayish outside. The kids dearest to grill marshmallows too!

Picky Living cabinets in  NCS 6010-B receive got been complimented amongst with a carrara marble worktop from Höörs Marmor & Granit. The dorsum wall, side cabinets, shelving together with drinking glass cupboards are painted inwards Restful Le Havre from Nordsjö. Pick upwards a vintage industrial bar stool here

 A brass spoon from Stilleben, Copenhagen rests inwards a pretty ceramic pot bought inwards China.

NB: How would y'all clit your personal style?

TL: I don't actually experience that I receive got a specific style. I aim to create an inviting domicile where people relish spending fourth dimension together with a infinite that evolves amongst our needs together with the seasons. My married adult man Hans, has also played a large travel inwards the interior. I mean value nosotros compliment each other good equally nosotros receive got dissimilar skills: he is much to a greater extent than business office orientated but also has a potent oculus for aesthetics. I am to a greater extent than of a stylist. The job solid is a combination of our interests together with ideas.

 A blend of chairs including the Gemla Vilda together with Magis Chair One create a relaxed feel, spell a taupe sheepskin throw together with cushion add together a soft affect to the space.

"Andrea" portrait yesteryear Anders Udd hangs on the wall inwards a higher identify an IKEA side-cabinet. The pinkish marble is from Höörs Marmor & Granit together with the wooden surface was created from left-over forest flooring.  

 Tina has combined flowers from Johans Trädgård amongst blooms from the garden to create a vibrant centre-piece. 

NB: How of import is color to you?
Colour is really of import to me. I was a color together with stuff designer for over 10 years together with this is where my passion lies. To me, color gives a production its spirit together with brings it to life.

NB: Do y'all receive got whatever rules when it comes to using color inwards your home?
TL: I receive got a lot of fourth dimension selecting the correct colours, but at the destination of the day, it’s to a greater extent than downwards to what plant best for each especial together with that nosotros similar it - solely together with hence volition it receive got a identify inwards our home! I believe using a variety of colours is what makes a domicile unique together with personal.

 A epitome yesteryear Emanuel Bernstone hangs inwards a higher identify the Bedside Gun Tablelamp yesteryear Flos together with a console yesteryear Asplund.

A Hay Plus nine blanket (now available inwards this colour) drapes on a light-green sofa from Bolia. The light to the left is the Shelter light from Bo Concept. 

Glass dome lamp

Jönssons truthful cat from Svenskt Tenn has a dandy advantage signal on the stairs!

A pinkish together with white light from IKEA adds a splash of color to the ceiling. The light-green headboard was made from Svenskt Tenn fabric. The white together with peach throw was bought on a trip to Tunisia.  

NB: Do y'all receive got whatever advice for anyone looking to innovate a affect of color to their home?
TL: Work amongst a palette of at to the lowest degree three colors. Have fun mixing dissimilar colours - combining vivid colors amongst faded earthy pastel tones volition add together a whole other dimension to your interior. Most importantly though, don't pick hues purely because they stand upwards for perfectly amongst what y'all already have, trust your instinct together with become amongst what y'all like!

Hans made the mountains on the bed - which has been built using IKEA drawers. Posters from Matilda's House & Co. The chair is from IKEA

The table, chairs together with carpet are all from IKEA

The missive of the alphabet 'K' light was picked upwards at a Berlin flea marketplace together with the side cabinet was originally Tina's Grandmother's. The cot is from IKEA.

NB: What exercise y'all dearest most nigh your home?
TL: The low-cal from the windows together with the atmosphere! It's a identify where the whole household unit of measurement feels happy, relaxed together with at home.

Thank y'all hence much for welcoming us into your lovely domicile Tina! 

 If you're looking for to a greater extent than color inspiration, banking concern check out Tina's weblog Colour Therapy together with Instagram feed, which she co-writes curates amongst Sara Hallin Sandström.

And banking concern check out other wonderful Swedish homes here.

Have a fabulous weekend!

P.S. I'm simply nigh to travel out for the aerodrome afterwards an amazing few days at Habitare inwards Helsinki - I'll live on lamentable to travel out (I LOVE this city) - but can't hold off to see my household unit of measurement together with receive got a Sabbatum morn lie-in - weeeee! Do y'all receive got whatever dandy plans?

Photography: Niki Brantmark - My Scandinavian Home. Home-owner / styling: Tina Lekeberg.

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