My Novel Sentinel From Triwa, Stockholm - DESIGN SUMMER

My Novel Sentinel From Triwa, Stockholm

Just occasionally the postman arrives on his bike bearing goodies. This calendar week he delivered my novel Blue Aska timepiece from TRIWA  - in addition to I convey to acknowledge I did produce a piffling dance. For those of y'all non familiar amongst the brand, TRIWA build uber cool watches, straps, sunglasses (loving the Peach Thelma version!) in addition to bracelets out of their creative studio inwards Stockholm (see the celluloid virtually the inspiring TRIWA storey here!). I peculiarly dear the Blue Aska since it has a lovely abstract symmetry pattern, in addition to is sold equally a express edition of 500 pieces (guys - hurry!). Having worn it non halt since it arrived (how did I e'er larn past times without a timepiece when they build such a perfect slice of jewellery?!), I've straight off also got my optic on the classic Ivory Klinga in addition to this rattling cool Midnight Falken - designed to translate 1950's simplicity (a daughter tin move never convey also many watches, agreed?!).  For straight off though, I'll endure enjoying mine over a fika (any excuse!).

Styling / photography: Niki Brantmark - My Scandinavian Home (with a piffling assistance from Tess!). 

Ah in addition to hence beautiful! And who would convey idea a scout goes in addition to hence good amongst a cinnamon bun?! It must endure it's Swedish heritage!

Oh in addition to TRIWA ships worldwide (just saying!).

Have a lovely weekend - reckon y'all Monday!

PS Feel inspired past times Manon's beautiful home, which artfully combines Kenyan handicrafts amongst contemporary design!

PPS I'm on my agency upward to Stockholm for a political party this night - eeeeeeeee!

This post service is brought to y'all inwards collaboration amongst TRIWA. However all words are my ain in addition to I alone e'er travel amongst brands I absolutely dear in addition to mean value y'all volition too! Thank y'all for supporting the businesses that assistance build My Scandinavian Home possible. 

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