Old Meets Novel Inwards A Beautiful Finnish Dwelling - DESIGN SUMMER

Old Meets Novel Inwards A Beautiful Finnish Dwelling

Feeling super excited this morn equally I'm off to Helsinki this afternoon for Finland's largest pattern fair - Habitare along with Decor8, Monsters Circus, Trend Stefan in addition to Home for Soul alongside other bloggers. So fun! (Keep an optic on Instagram stories for updates!). This calls for a Finnish pattern post, don't you lot think? And beautiful Finnish homes are never difficult to detect (as you lot tin reckon from this archive!). This lovely bird belongs to Maija Rasila - interior architect in addition to blogger for Avotakka magazine. Pihkala focuses on modern Scandinavian pattern in addition to the renovation of her 100 twelvemonth onetime identify - where white in addition to subtle shades of greyness in addition to bluish furnish a backdrop for pattern classics in addition to vintage finds for a clean, calm aesthetic.  Let's accept a peek....

Photography: Maija Rasila / Pihkala.

Such a lovely space, don't you lot think? So fresh! If you lot follow Maija's weblog you'll reckon how the identify is becoming to a greater extent than in addition to to a greater extent than cosy equally each layer is added (even though it's inwards Finnish she ever adds a brusk summary inwards English linguistic communication at the bottom of each post).  I write a lot nearly taking your fourth dimension to decorate a habitation inwards my majority The Scandinavian Home Feeling super excited this morn equally I Old meets novel inwards a beautiful Finnish habitation - I intend it's a vital operate of transforming a identify into a home. What are your thoughts on this?

Get the hold off from Maija's lovely home: Sitting room - Artek Beehive light, Menu afteroom lounge chair, Tisca rugDining room - Eames chairs, fine art past times Juhani Melender. Bedroom - William Morris wallpaper, Mantis sconce, white bed linen set. Hallway: Morris & co wallpaper.

If you'd similar to reckon to a greater extent than Finnish homes today (hey, I'm in!), you lot mightiness desire to accept a scroll through this archive (if this habitation comes upwards outset merely got to the next) - Yup, those Finns actually create know a affair or ii nearly design! Can't hold off to reckon to a greater extent than at the fair!

You tin cash inwards one's chips along upwards to appointment with Maija's latest projects over on her blog in addition to Instagram.

Right.... ameliorate complete packing, I've got a flying to catch! Weeeee!

Have a lovely day!

PS Happy to reckon my tips on 'how to instruct Scandi-style on a budget' inwards Ideal Home journal this week!

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