The Relaxed Danish Abode Of Employment Stützer - DESIGN SUMMER

The Relaxed Danish Abode Of Employment Stützer

Oh induce got I got a lovely domicile to part amongst yous today! This beautiful, relaxed Danish domicile belongs to Line Stützer, a service designer at Hello Group, married adult man Henrik together with their adorable domestic dog Betty. Line has decorated their Copenhagen story amongst a blend of fine art deco, novel nordic, together with vintage finds resulting inwards a trend she describes equally 'classic even then modern, a residual betwixt masculine together with feminine, together with playful.' Let's induce got a peek...

Photography: Line Stützer

Such a wonderful infinite - loving all the colours together with unique touches, how almost you?!

Get the look: Noguchi table,  Söderhamn sofa (try Bemz for a xanthous comprehend similar this), choice upwardly a teak side closet here, source retro dining chairs here (there are only about absolutely beautiful ones!). Macrame hanging planter.

Don't immature adult woman Line's instagram feed here! And the Danish home archive is a must (love that Danes oft induce got a boho touching on to their living spaces).

Have a 'dejlig' day!

PS I mentioned only about other instagram feed I dear the other twenty-four hours which documents the renovation of a 1910 Water Tower inwards Stockholm - but at i time realise the link wasn't working (doh!) - hither it is again: @thewatertowerproject. Are at that spot whatsoever instagram feeds yous tin plough over notice recommend?

PPS the States friends - the the States version of my mass Lagom, Not also little, non also much: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life launches on third Oct (so soon!) together with Goodreads are offering the endangerment to win a re-create here!

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