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A Mid-Century Inspired Habitation Alongside Beautiful Light

Originally from London, I larn too thence excited when I come upward across a dwelling household from the Big Smoke  - too fifty-fifty to a greater extent than too thence when it's really lovely! Owned past times Louis Hagen Hall too Catherine Verna Bentley - the creative duo behind architecture too interior blueprint do Bentley Hagen Hall - the super charming infinite is filled amongst unique treasures, mid-century pieces, plants too the most wonderful lite (beautifully captured past times India Hobson for Haarkon). Let's get got a peek...

Photography:  India Hobson for Haarkon

I absolutely beloved this infinite - it's variety of homely too bohemian but amongst a hint of Scandinavian modern. I wasn't surprised to encounter that i of the brace has Norwegian heritage.

Is at that spot anything you lot beloved inwards item close this space?

Take a expect at a charge to a greater extent than pictures too read to a greater extent than close this beautiful dwelling household here

If you're afterwards a similar expect inwards your ain dwelling household a few of these items volition seat you lot inwards skilful stead (unless of class you're UK of Britain too Northern Republic of Ireland based too tin draft inwards the assistance from Bentley Hagen Hall- straight off wouldn't that live wonderful?!): alternative upward a mid-century side-cabinet here,  I beloved these Moroccan rugs. Source a vintage architect's swivel chair here, this white sheepskin is similar to the i on the windowsill.

I'm guessing I'm non lonely inwards wondering where the brass pendant ceiling lite is from - whatever ideas? UPDATE: This is the CVL Saturn brass pendant light too was sold past times John Lewis a few years dorsum but seems similar it's no longer available (thank you lot Anon.).

If you lot beloved this home, you'll besides similar foodie Anna Jones' home inwards the same cervix of the woods - too thence fab!

And live on - I am thrilled to encounter My Scandinavian Home has been selected every bit a semi-finalist inwards the commencement e'er Domino magazine blueprint awards inwards the category 'Best International Design Blog' yaaaay! It's all happening here if you lot fancy casting your vote (it alone takes a instant too I'd live too thence so happy!).

Have a lovely day!

PS looking to salvage your pennies this autumn?! The Swedish philosophy of Lagom is your answer (so says this slice inwards the Readers Digest - they mightiness simply get got read it somewhere...?!).

PPS happy Diwali to all my Hindu friends out there! 

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