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A Relaxed Mid-Century Inspired Danish Home

Living only over the duo from Copenhagen, I'm frequently asked 'how frequently create yous visit?' The answer is "not enough". Seriously, this is a crying shame - I absolutely dearest the Danish style. There's something relaxed, bohemian in addition to achingly cool nearly it. It's also a quietly confident await which relishes inward imperfection. Take the Danish domicile of Anne Hundborg - a self-employed spider web developer in addition to graphic designer, her swain Jonas, v children (combined), a domestic dog in addition to a truthful cat (yes that's 1 "full house," laughs Anne) every bit an example.  Located inward the urban inwardness of Randers on the Jutland peninsula, Anne has decorated her domicile nether the ethos "the rules are in that place ain't no rules" (....ha! I recognise that business - create you?!) in addition to chooses to "mix all sorts of textures, materials, colours, in addition to decades." Look out for mid-century touches in addition to wonderful, playful details throughout! 

Photography / design: Anne Hundborg

What a charming home?! I dearest all the mid-century touches in addition to artwork inward exceptional - how nearly you?

Get the look: dining room - Panthella flooring lamp, Posters / prints: Bambi in addition to Heels in addition to Resting Feet yesteryear Paper Collective. sitting room - Söderhamn sofa, landscape prints yesteryear Enklamide, SINNERLIG Pendant lamp Living only over the duo from Copenhagen Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Relaxed Mid-century Inspired Danish Home. Children's sleeping accommodation - Doughnuts poster from Desenio.

You tin come across to a greater extent than of Anne's lovely domicile over on her Instagram feed Danish domicile total of vintage finds, the dreamy domicile of a writer, an eclectic Copenhagen even out alongside attitude inward exceptional - all really different, all really inspiring!).

Have a groovy day!

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