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Bright Too Beautiful Scandinavian Apartment

Hi, promise you're having a wonderful Mon as well as thence far! It’s Ana hither again. Niki is enjoying merely about well-deserved holidays inwards beautiful Kingdom of Spain for the adjacent couplet of weeks–so yous volition run across me popular inwards 1 time inwards a piece to percentage merely about content I’m certain you’ll love...

Like this gem of an apartment, located inwards (you guessed it!) Stockholm. This 57sqm wonder is a display of calorie-free as well as well-thought-out design. From transcend to bottom, from room to room, this home is clearly a projection of love. Don't yous think? I'm specially drawn to the openness of this home, the pops of dark-green from the plants, the clever utilisation of space, rustic floors as well as intricate pieces of fine art on the walls-specially that gallery higher upward the sofa.

The tall ceilings as well as feature white-crisp walls, brand this my dream Scandinavian experience. I tin laissez passer on notice almost movie myself, on that stunning balcony, enjoying a brilliant Summer evening. *sigh*

I can’t await to read what yous mean value virtually this home... BUT earlier I permit yous go, don’t forget to vote for Niki as well as My Scandinavian Home inwards the Domino blueprint weblog awards (voting closes Oct 31st as well as yous tin laissez passer on notice vote 1 time a day). Thank you!

About The Author
Author, Graphic as well as Web Designer.
Mindfulness is at the pith of everything Ana does—from operate to life as well as everything inwards between.
For over 5 years she's focused on creating honest, intelligent as well as refreshing projects—believing that the best agency to arrive at this is to dedicate herself to the essential as well as making things utter of their intrinsic beauty as well as purpose.

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