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Get The Look: A Calm Swedish Apartment!

Hello! So it's dorsum to Sweden today in addition to a tour of a lovely bird inwards Gothenburg. Safe to say, if I was to envisage my dream apartment, this would move it. The master copy menstruum features, high ceiling in addition to calorie-free forest flooring are perfection - in addition to I tin mail away already movie myself throwing opened upward the balcony door in addition to drinking inwards the sunlight (along amongst my extra rigid coffee!), non to hollo getting together for a candlelit dinner amongst friends inwards the kitchen. Getting carried away - who me?!  The beautiful infinite has been decorated inwards shades of grey, pops of brass in addition to cognac in addition to the hint of a pale pinkish accent which is hence very now in addition to yet timeless too. I spy approximately real fine classics too. Enjoy the tour!

Beautiful photography past times Anders Bergstedt for Entrance.

Could you lot imagine living hither too?!

I guess nosotros can't all deed to Gothenburg inwards an minute (sadly), simply nosotros tin mail away nevertheless larn the look! Here are a few items I dearest (links beneath):

1. Mobil five pendant  2.  Dusty rose linen cushion 3. Slope leather dining chair 4. Ikea cabinet 
5. Round jute mats dorsum to Sweden today in addition to a tour of a lovely bird inwards Gothenburg Get the look: a calm Swedish apartment! 6. Lup wall candle holder (feeling similar I request 1 of these inwards my life!) 7. Mantis BS2 wall light 8. Hay oak elephant table 9. Thonet dining chair 10. grey linen tablecloth (available inwards dissimilar sizes).

News inwards from Sarah (thank you!) - the fab brass shower is from Swedish store Tapwell.

Off for a real belatedly tiffin at Malmö Saluhall (one of my fave tiffin spots - cause got a peek on Instagram stories to run into why!) in addition to and then planning a petty photography at habitation today - volition request to play approximately tunes in addition to calorie-free a candle or 2 to laid the mood (it's form of nighttime outside) - what are you lot upward to?

Have a lovely day!

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