Going For Gold....Triwa Timepiece (15% Off!) - DESIGN SUMMER

Going For Gold....Triwa Timepiece (15% Off!)

My domicile is pretty much gleaming correct now! I want this was because it was tidy (it's not). It's only because I possess got as well as then many gilded (and brass) elements around. And this calendar week I added a novel add-on to my 'shiny' collection - a watch! The Dixie Aska from Swedish construct TRIWA to hold out precise. And I'm thrilled amongst it - non to the lowest degree because it has arrived exactly inward fourth dimension for my pre-Christmas (*sharp in-take of breath* - did I exactly lift the 'C' give-and-take inward October?) parties! I possess got to say, it's as well as then much prettier to await at than my telephone when checking the time! Love it! Oh as well as the wonderful TRIWA squad are offering you lot 15% discount off any item until 15th November, 2017 (just type inward the code NIKI15 at checkout!).

Photography: Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home

Aaaaa, as well as then pretty, don't you lot think?

The scout is designed out of TRIWA's Stockholm studio as well as I beloved how the pattern on the dial has been interpreted from the fixed positions constitute on traditional scout indexes - which variety of gives it a unique touch, don't you lot think? It's nonetheless got that contemporary Scandinavian simplicity going on though - which is what stole my pump (of course!). If you're looking for something rattling classic, but amongst the same mesh strap - you'll love this beauty!

You mightiness hollo back I've got a Blue Aska time-piece also (love the darker experience of it - as well as then cosy for Autumn?!)  - as well as they've got enough of other fab watches for men as well as women upwards their sleeve, equally good as  arrive at of sunglasses- oh yes!

Note - the Dixie Aska is sold inward a express provide of 500 pieces solely (available here), oj oj oj equally they tell inward Sweden - if you'd similar i (or thinking it could hold out peachy pressie for a friend), best to hold out quick (don't forget the 15% discount also - code NIKI15!)!

Have a lovely day!

This post service is brought to you lot inward collaboration amongst TRIWA. However all words are my ain as well as I solely e'er operate amongst brands I absolutely beloved as well as intend you lot volition too! Thank you lot for supporting the businesses that assistance construct My Scandinavian Home possible. 

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