The Lovely, Relaxed Domicile Of A Berlin Diy Blogger - DESIGN SUMMER

The Lovely, Relaxed Domicile Of A Berlin Diy Blogger

Helloooo friends! I promise y'all had a corking weekend? Here, it's been an eventful one. On Fri eve I had a alive radio interview well-nigh my novel Lagom book. Except I got the fourth dimension departure muddled upwards as well as when they called from Montreal I had a family total of kids. In my panic I ended upwards whisking them out into the garden inwards their socks!! You tin simply imagine the scene). Thankfully it did larn a piffling to a greater extent than relaxing later that! And straightaway Mon morn has rolled to a greater extent than or less in 1 lawsuit again (I've got a feeling we're all going to stone this week?!). Despite doing my best to encompass the chill exterior (I'm wearing my Swedish Shephards every bit I write) I am starting to wonder how I'm going to larn through the impending darkness of tumble / winter. I'm thinking enough of DIY as well as crafts? What produce y'all say? If you're thinking the same - Laetitia Delorme of Monochrome DIY, is our girl! Berlin based Laetitia describes her DIY ideas every bit 'a globe away from chichi as well as sequins - everything revolves to a greater extent than or less tinkering as well as self-making'. Think fab minimalist brass mirrors, semi-flower wreaths as well as decorative ice-cubes. You exclusively involve to a snapshot of her domicile - also every bit pictures of the domicile of Berliner Claudi's (see the total tour of her domicile here)- to encounter examples of how her DIY ideas blend beautifully amongst mid-century finds an abundance of plants. Roll on Autumn!

Photography: Laetitia Delorme / Monochrome DIY

 Photography: Claudi - Do It But Do It Now

Despite existence to a greater extent than of a close-up / snapshot tour of each of the homes rather than the consummate picture, don't y'all discovery the vogue to give off  the loveliest vibe?

Get the hold back from Laetitia as well as Claudi's homes: Source fab mid-century modern teak slice of furniture here,  mirror from Sissy-Boy, these terrarium's are similar, café notice board, string shelves, Eames side chair.

If you'd similar to encounter a piffling to a greater extent than of Laetitia's domicile create got a peek here as well as Claudi's domicile here.

Speaking of Instagram - I'll endure taking over the reigns of the HarperCollins U.S.A. instagram feed today where I'll endure sharing snippets from my novel Lagom Book - also every bit talking to a greater extent than well-nigh the Swedish lifestyle (which, excitingly, seems to endure on everyone's lips correct straightaway - which reminds me - I involve to nip out as well as past times a cinnamon bun inwards a minute, purely for inspiration purposes of course....). I'd dear it if y'all create got the fourth dimension to halt past times as well as nation how-do-you-do (it's my kickoff e'er take-over as well as hence it'll endure corking to encounter a friendly face!).

Have a corking start to the week!

PS my top x tips to a de-cluttered home.

PPS words to alive by: "Be a cactus inwards a globe of fragile flowers"

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