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The Us Version Of My Lagom Mass Is Out!

I'm super excited to denote the USA version of my novel majority Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life has hitting the shelves today! The content is precisely the same every bit the UK version (i.e. amount of fun as well as inspiring tips as well as tricks graciously passed onto me past times my Swedish work solid unit of measurement as well as friends over the 13 years I've lived here   - just amongst a dissimilar cover. I promise the majority inspires you lot to convey a piddling lagom into your daily life - whether hopping on your wheel to the shops, taking morn dips, enjoying a fika (a java suspension amongst homemade cinnamon buns from my children's groovy grandmother's recipe!), going mushroom picking, or creating a calm as well as clutter-free domicile (I'm going to try my mitt at creating that capsule wardrobe this Autumn too!).

If it sounds similar a majority you lot powerfulness enjoy, you lot tin give notice selection upward a re-create here.

Thank you lot as well as then much to everyone who has got their hands on a re-create of my majority as well as then far - as well as for all your form words as well as wonderful feedback - it agency as well as then much to me! I promise the majority inspires you lot every bit much every bit it inspired me to write!

Niki x

PS - Thank you lot for all your questions nearly availability -  The UK version is available inward Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Bharat as well as other Commonwealth countries. Amazon is a skillful bet, or inquire inward your local majority store - fifty-fifty if they don't choose it inward stock I'm certain they'd survive to a greater extent than than happy to lodge you lot a copy.  The majority volition also survive available inward French, Portuguese, German, Czech as well as Russian presently (I'll continue you lot updated every bit there's a peril to a greater extent than languages powerfulness survive added - as well as then fun!).

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