A Pocket-Sized Swedish Studio Amongst A Beautiful Slumber Area! - DESIGN SUMMER

A Pocket-Sized Swedish Studio Amongst A Beautiful Slumber Area!

Well heeeej there! I promise you lot had a cracking weekend? I went on a girls route trip to a log cabin inwards the forests of Skåne. We went for walks, lit fires in addition to chatted until the early on hours over a drinking glass (or three) of wine. It was merely what the doc ordered! Today, I'm heading upwards to Stockholm for a coming together alongside here in addition to here). Sweden's working capital alphabetic quality metropolis is 600 km North of Malmö (it's going to hold out cooold - brrrr!) but it sure as shooting beats my park Mon mornings! I promise you've got some fun plans to liven upwards the get-go of your calendar week too? Anyhooo. There's a domicile tour to share! What actually grabbed my kernel almost this beautiful, pocket-sized storey inwards Gothenburg is the sleeping room stroke living room expanse - it's got a existent boudoir experience almost it. I'm loving the dusty pinkish comprehend combined alongside natural linens. Look out for the owner's fab kicking collection too...

Photography by: Anders Bergstedt for Entrance

What work you lot reckon? Could you lot imagine padding merely about here?

It would brand such a cracking pied à terre (dreaming again). Perhaps I should brand this Mon locomote a regular thing?!  I quite fancy a trip to Gothenburg adjacent in addition to popping inwards to Artilleriet!), accept you lot been? If not, why non bring together me?!

FYI - this independent online store makes beautiful made-to-measure natural linen curtains, in addition to I dear this hand knotted diamond rug.

I'd dear to know where that ceiling low-cal is from - whatsoever ideas?

Right - got to run, my flights boarding now. Stockholm.... I'm coming for you!

Have a cracking get-go to the week!

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