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This Magnificent Malmö Apartment Could Hold Upwards Yours (Or Mine?!)

Oj oj oj (as they state inwards Sweden) are nosotros inwards for a process today. This fabulous turn-of-the-century domicile hither inwards the centre of Malmö has only come upward on the marketplace - too it's massively swoon-worthy! I'm non going to state roughly other give-and-take - suffice to say, I'm seriously considering a deed across town (I exclusively demand to convince the human being now....hmmmm). Enjoy the tour...

Photos courtesy of Bolaget

Could you lot imagine living here?! If you're tempted there's to a greater extent than information too pics here - I honey Jeska's ane here likewise .... just saying!).

Just inwards representative a deed isn't imminent (shame) - here's a quick guide to where a few of the items are from: this leather deck chair is similar, Flos 265 light, Diamond lounge chair, I similar this dusty rose linen cushion, grayness gotland sheepskins.

Fancy looking at a few to a greater extent than Malmö homes today? I honey the relaxed, identify unit of measurement domicile of Malin Persson (who I was lucky plenty to come across of late at a blogger effect - too experience too then inspired past times her beautiful domicile inwards night hues too the lovely Helen Sturesson's striking, identify unit of measurement home.

I'm proud of living inwards a metropolis amongst too then much talent!

Have a lovely day

PS - an update on the Domino Design Blog Awards - they've only announced that the winner from each category volition have a characteristic profiles inwards Domino periodical and the winners volition live on flown to New York for an awards effect inwards December! Oh, too they volition also have a trip for 2 to a Tribute holding inwards the the States or Canada. Holy guacamole!!! For this argue they've extended the voting period, too you lot tin right away vote daily for your favourite weblog until sun twelfth Nov (eeeeeee, the suspense continues!). Just inwards representative you lot experience similar stopping past times too casting a vote the My Scandinavian Home way, it's happening here (category: 'Best International Design Blog')- Sorry to live on too then annoying inwards shout out for you lot again, if I win, I hope to pick out you lot on the trip past times agency of Instagram stories!

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