Trend: Greige Walls - DESIGN SUMMER

Trend: Greige Walls

White walls are most becoming extinct. As the yr wears on, to a greater extent than too to a greater extent than of my friends look to travel getting weary of their walls too trying to abide by a pump pose down betwixt the straightforward tendency of whites too the color palettes of late, which are filled alongside pinks, indigos too desaturated (and gorgeous, I mightiness add) greens.

Greige is the perfect event of an in-between. It is non grayness but it’s also non beige. That’s why it’s croak increasingly popular–and it deserves to travel for its diverseness too subtleness. Greige is the color that says “I’m grounded, reliable, wholesome but also unexpectedly classy.”. To me, it’s 1 of the best colors of the year; it matches perfectly alongside calorie-free woods... too let’s travel honest, it’s ease a needed interruption from whites.

If you, similar me, are non quite gear upward for the bold-color movement, watch this for your end-of-year habitation refresh.

Niki is inwards Paris for the launch of the French version of her majority Lagom (Le juste équilibre) - if you're passing Galeries Lafayette betwixt four - half dozen pm this Saturday,  pop inwards for a signed re-create too bring together inwards alongside a fun DIY session! I believe she's sharing the risk over on instagram stories too!

Beautiful images by: Evalotta Sundling too Elin Kickén, alongside thanks!
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Mindfulness is at the pump of everything Ana does—from operate to life too everything inwards between.
For over 5 years she's focused on creating honest, intelligent too refreshing projects—believing that the best agency to compass this is to dedicate herself to the essential too making things verbalise of their intrinsic beauty too purpose.

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