Warm Together With Inviting Danish Habitation Amongst Beautiful Textiles - DESIGN SUMMER

Warm Together With Inviting Danish Habitation Amongst Beautiful Textiles

Hej hej! I'm ever inspired past times makers spaces. There's ever something unique in addition to personal nearly them, don't yous find? The Danish dwelling household of Eline Engen is a fine example! Eline lives inwards a beautiful 200 twelvemonth onetime household on the North coast of Funen, Kingdom of Denmark alongside her hubby Brian in addition to children Gustav (14) in addition to Clara (12). Eline works role fourth dimension inwards an interior store in addition to spends the balance of her working hours creating in addition to selling beautiful cushions in addition to clutches made from vintage cloth in addition to textile remnants. Eline describes her dwelling household every bit "very relaxed alongside lots of textiles, plants in addition to treasures which convey been collected over time." She has a passion for all things vintage, soft colours, in addition to beautiful patterns which she combines alongside modern pieces inwards her home. Enjoy the tour!

Photography Eline Engen

What a charming, warm in addition to inviting home, don't yous think? There are then many treasures, but Elin tells me her favourite is the onetime cabinet where she stores all her vintage textiles earlier turning them into cushions in addition to clutches.

When it comes to decorating, Elin advises to "stay truthful to yourself. It's a platitude but true. Surround yourself alongside items that hateful something to you. Do non purchase but to buy. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 dwelling household is a existent dwelling household when it reflects the people that alive in that place in addition to when everything is non perfect." Wise words indeed!

You tin selection upward Elin's pretty cushions in addition to clutches over on instagram

If you're looking for other items seen inwards Elin's home, here's a quick guide:

Sitting room area: poster to the left from Stilleben in addition to to the correct Retro Villa (pretty store alert!), cushions handmade past times Eline, Klong halo candle holder (love this), Scarlet Kimono from Lulu's Drawer (another 'love' from me!), Lampe Gras.

Dining room: Era armchair alongside cane seat, cushion on chair handmade past times ElineOffice: William Morris wallpaper, Sinnerlig desk from IKEA.

Thank yous then much for the variety permission to demo the pictures of your dwelling household Eline!

On a completely seperate note, I'm having then much fun inwards Paris for the launch of my Lagom Book inwards French. Last nighttime HaperCollins France planned a wonderful cocktail political party in addition to I met the  English linguistic communication to French translator in addition to Aude, the designer behind the pretty front end cover, amidst lots of other inspiring people, what a smashing evening! Merci beaucoup! The homo is arriving this level in addition to we're going to pass the weekend hither - yaaaaay! Hopefully run into yous tomorrow at Galeries Lafayette for the mass signing in addition to DIY session if you're inwards town (4 - vi pm)! 

I promise you've got roughly overnice plans?

Have a wonderful dyad of days in addition to run into yous Monday!

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