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5 Beautifully, Minimalist Christmas Trees

It's that fourth dimension of year.... yaaay! In Scandinavia people source their trees inwards all kinds of ways - if they alive rural they powerfulness chop i downwards from their ain backyard / forest, others view sustainable tree farms as well as of course, there's ever vendors selling them on street corners for the urban folk alongside us! Either way, when it comes to decorating the tree Nordic style, inwards my experience, it's virtually keeping it fairly minimalist as well as allowing the beauty of the branches to smooth through (update: give thank you lot you as well as therefore much to Rita for pointing out that at that spot are also Scandinavians who dear to become all out too!). Here's our round-up of beautiful Scandi-style Christmas trees - for homes big as well as small!

Photo - Niki Brantmark / , styling- Sarah Brooks-Wilson
The homo as well as I were as well as therefore happy with our novel bedchamber (see pics of the make-over here as well as here) that nosotros decided to become all out as well as process ourselves to a Christmas tree inwards the bedchamber this year!! I decorated it with elementary dark candles (beware if you lot also create upward one's necessitate heed to become for existent candles (also seen on my tree terminal year) never ever larn out them unattended!!) I absolutely dear waking upward to the scent of fresh pine!

Pella Hedeby
Ma Maison Blanche
House Doctor
Daniella Witte

So many pretty ideas to bag here! We promise you've flora our tree round-up inspiring too! We'd dear to run into yours - delight exercise tag us on instagram with #Myscandinavianhometree!

It's my terminal twenty-four hours inwards New York today - booooo! It's been wonderful (what a FUN city!!!), as well as such a magical identify to survive inwards the run-up to Christmas. I'm non looking frontwards to my overnight flying to Copenhagen later on I must say, only it'll survive overnice to larn dorsum - equally the Swedish maxim goes 'borta bra men hemma bäst' (very loosely translated equally - 'it's smashing to survive a way, only there's no identify similar home!'). 

Have a lovely day!

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