Be&Liv: Fika Past Times Candlelight - DESIGN SUMMER

Be&Liv: Fika Past Times Candlelight

Sponsored -  I purpose the give-and-take fika a lot! In representative you're non familiar amongst the term, it's a Swedish give-and-take important to 'take a interruption together with savor a hot potable (usually super pull coffee!) together with a small-scale sugariness treat'. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 fika tin live enjoyed at anytime of the solar daytime together with nothing, merely nothing gets inwards the means of a Swede together with they're fika! Naturally, I was quick to adopt this cultural ritual (it does audio rather nice, right?!). I especially honey them at this fourth dimension of the twelvemonth every bit it e'er feels then cosy. Lately, I've actually stepped upward my game inwards this subdivision thank you lot to 2 beautiful items from Be & Liv (a Finnish blueprint build making beautiful items for the domicile designed to "bring the poesy dorsum to everyday life" - how lovely?!): the Solo candle holder together with Treepot 3D trivet inwards wood.  While the candle holder inwards dark chrome is a pretty means to convey a warm glow to the table, the wooden Treepot 3D trivet tin live used every bit both a java pot stand upward and a 3D Christmas tree, how fabulous is that?! I've constitute they larn especially good amongst a steaming loving cup of java together with pepperkaka (ginger thins)! Any excuse.... 

Photography / styling: Niki Brantmark (My Scandinavian Home).  

Ahhhh, together with relax!

I was lucky plenty to run across the Be & Liv the squad on my last trip to Helsinki together with they're the loveliest people - really dedicated to creating beautiful items made from high lineament materials. The pieces also larn inwards flat-packed, which is a to a greater extent than sustainable selection for the surroundings - love that!

If brass is to a greater extent than your affair -  you lot may desire to conduct maintain a hold back at this feature captured inwards my sitting room. See entire collection here!

What's your favourite process to munch on your java break?

This shipping service is brought to you lot inwards collaboration amongst Be&Liv yet all words are my ain together with I exclusively ever travel amongst brands I honey together with recall you lot volition too.

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