Cosying Upwards My Sleeping Room Alongside Bemz - DESIGN SUMMER

Cosying Upwards My Sleeping Room Alongside Bemz

Do you lot stimulate got a favourite room? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 few years dorsum nosotros decided to plough the entire give flooring of our identify into our bedroom. It's choke a footling oasis with the rooftops of Malmö (if you lot peep out of the window you lot tin run into the ocean too!). But with the driblet inward temperature nosotros simply weren't feeling the cosy vibe, as well as that's of import right?! My Scandinavian Home interior designer sitting room make-over (aaaaaah, I dear that infinite - tin I stimulate got ii favourite rooms?!), nosotros knew it would live on tardily to create an only novel await without a whole charge of hassle (and with all that's going on at this fourth dimension of year, who needs that?!). If you're non familiar with Bemz, they build the most beautiful customised blueprint covers for IKEA slice of furniture (including sofas, armchairs, chairs etc) equally good equally curtains, cushions as well as sleeping accommodation textiles - inward a alternative of over 250 colours as well as patterns (machine washable as well as sewn to social club too!). Read on to hither to a greater extent than close the transformation!

  The Planning

Since nosotros were aiming for a cocoon similar feel, the room needed simply about some rich, warm tones, as well as yet at I also was keen to proceed the Nordic aesthetic.

Bemz Rosendal Pure Washed Linen inward White as well as Unbleached were the obvious choices to role for layers of soft textiles (linen has such a wonderful relaxed await as well as it's a cracking stuff since it's snug inward the wintertime as well as helps keeps you lot cool inward the summer). We combined it with Velvet Malmen inward Chestnut cushion covers to ramp upwards the cosiness!  

I'm peculiarly pleased with the bedspread made inward Rosendal Pure Washed Linen inward Unbleached inward their Loose Fit Urban style. It's beautifully made with exposed seams as well as a lining. Best of all? When I'm inward a combat of a hurry inward the morn (err, daily) I tin simply chuck it over the bed! Yasss!

I've had my optic on the bed skirt made inward Rosendal Pure Washed Linen inward Absolute White inward their Loose Fit Urban trend for a while. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 bed skirt / valance is a cracking means to shroud the box spring, nether bed storage, as well as all other kinds of stuff that finds it's means nether there! This ane is then pretty too, don't you lot think? I dear the detail!

The Söderhamn ane topographic point department with Urban Loose Fit comprehend inward Rosendal Pure Washed Linen - Unbleached was a must. Not only does it hateful I in conclusion stimulate got an armchair inward my sleeping accommodation for all my clothes. Eh hem.  I mean, for reading, the linen slipcover adds much needed cosiness to the window nook (check out the seams too).  I sort of desire to sink inward as well as remain in that place all 24-hour interval drinking java as well as flipping through magazines (what kids?!).


Or mayhap the chestnut?

What I dear most close Bemz is that you lot tin speedily update the await of an item of slice of furniture past times replacing the slipcover whenever the mood takes you. For example, cheque out how switching to the Söderhamn 1 topographic point department comprehend inward Malmen Velvet Chestnut gives a novel await to my reading corner! The only work at in ane trial I can't determine which I prefer - what utilisation you lot reckon?

Photography / Production: Niki Brantmark - My Scandinavian home. Styling - Genevieve Jorn

So happy with the outcome, I promise you lot similar it too.

If you're interested inward getting a similar await inward your home, you lot tin store the await at Bemz here

And inward instance you're wondering where whatsoever of the other items are from - there'll live on a big follow-up shipping on Lord's Day roofing all details - but experience gratuitous to enquire away inward the comment department below inward the meantime!

Have a cracking weekend all! 

This shipping is brought to you lot inward collaboration with Bemz, soundless all words are my ain as well as I only e'er locomote with brands I dear as well as cry upwards you lot volition too.

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