Merry Christmas! - DESIGN SUMMER

Merry Christmas!

This beautiful moving painting was taken past times Pernille Enoch / Femina DK
Have you lot got whatever fun plans?  I'm taking a niggling fourth dimension off to visit, identify unit of measurement as well as friends which volition move as well as hence overnice as well as perchance fifty-fifty larn on a route trip to snowy Kingdom of Norway (we'll see).

If you lot experience similar a niggling Scandinavian interior inspiration inward the meantime, I dear these archives (some of them get got over 100 homes - how crazy is that?!):

Swedish homes
Norwegian homes
Danish homes
Finnish homes
Vintage inspired homes
Bohemian mode homes

And simply inward example you lot missed it - the best of My Scandinavian Home 2017 is immediately upward (thank you lot for a wonderful year).

Wishing you lot a real merry Christmas! I promise your holidays are total of dear as well as laughter.

See you lot Jan 8th!


Niki x

PS This beautiful moving painting was taken past times Pernille Enoch. See the DIY for this as well as other candle decorations here. So pretty!

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