My Scandinavian Home: Best Of 2017 - DESIGN SUMMER

My Scandinavian Home: Best Of 2017

I can't believe the twelvemonth has almost come upwardly to an end! Is it simply me or did 2017 whizz by? It's been a foreign twelve months, with many disturbing happenings throughout the world. I similar to intend of My Scandinavian Home equally a lilliputian bubble inwards which to escape each day: somewhere you lot tin pour yourself a loving cup of super forcefulness java (got to instruct into the spirits of the Scandinavians afterwards all!), lay your feet upwardly in addition to carry yourself into a globe of interiors - in addition to hopefully walk away with a few novel ideas too! I promise you lot experience this! Here's a round-up of the top five My Scandinavian Home blog, Instagram, in addition to Pinterest posts of 2017 - equally good equally a few other highlights.....

1. A magnificent solid unit of measurement abode inwards Amsterdam

Photo - Niki Brantmark Styling Genevieve Jorn

3.  My dream vacation abode (and garden room) - in addition to yours besides it seems!

Photo - Marnie Hawson

Holly Marder
Photo: Anders Bergstedt. Home-owner/ stying: Caroline UlknerEntrance.

I used to dabble inwards it a little, but if there's 1 affair that's really taken me past times surprise this twelvemonth - it's simply how much I've fallen inwards honey with Instagram (do you lot direct keep an ever in addition to thus slight obsession too?!). I was thrilled to attain over 115,000 friends this twelvemonth - give thank you lot you for making it such a fun identify to be, in addition to for all your interesting in addition to passionate comments (and to Vogue U.K. for including my feed inwards the top 12 interior instagram feeds to follow (*strikes a very happy pose*). Here are the top five My Scandinavian Home instagram posts of 2017:


1. Living room inwards a magical mount cabin
I'm in addition to thus happy to encounter a corner of the living room from Marianne Vigtel Holland's magical mount cabin which James Gardiner in addition to I had the pleasance of capturing for The Scandinavian Home book.  Marianne made in addition to thus many items for her cabin it was crazy! In this movie solitary she knitted the chair cover, sewed together the cushion covers, created the fine art on the wall in addition to crafted the side tabular array out of tree trunks - I'm non kidding! Check out the total tour of her beautiful cabin here.

2. Josi's hallway inwards Berlin
Aaaah, how I honey this hallway (the bench is available here.

3. Sitting room with a boho vibe
The modern bohemian vibe captured our hearts in addition to minds inwards 2017 (once again)- in addition to this Polish abode designed past times Magdalena Milejska was upwardly at that spot with the most inspiring! Take the total tour here. PS is this is totally you're form of style don't immature lady the bohemian home archive (goooorgeous spaces).

4. Credenza in addition to books
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 wall bursting with books, a beautiful mid-century credenza, layered rugs. What's non to honey nearly the relaxed, boho abode of Madewell's Pb designer - Joyce Lee! See the drool-worthy tour here.

5. Put a outcry on it (see what I did there?)
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 beautifully wrapped gift past times Finnish blogger beautiful nature inspired gift wrapping ideas!

Aaaah, Pinterest you'll ever live my go-to for moodboards in addition to styling inspiration (if alone I could really tear myself away to exercise whatsoever operate - exercise you lot respect this too?!). Here are the top five My Scandinavian Home pins of 2017:

1. This cosy sleeping accommodation from a charming Swedish bird decorated inwards white in addition to wood
has totally captured pinners hearts having appeared on Pinterest over 590,290 times. How crazy is that? Then over again at that spot is in addition to thus much to honey nearly this lilliputian space, right?

Photo: Maria Sahlander Styling: Emma Fischer for Bjurfors.
Rember that greenish sofa nosotros all savage inwards honey with inwards a sitting room inwards Yeabridge House? Combine it with a fabulous mix of former in addition to novel in addition to you lot instruct the top My Scandinavian Home *power pin* of 2017 (yes, this really is a thing - it's measured inwards price of clicks in addition to saves inwards representative you're curious!). Whatever you lot do, don't immature lady the total tour here - it was 1 of my favourites!

Photo - Benjamin Edwards Home-owner - Mark Homewood
While greenish sofas are ever fab, greige is a fleck of a safer bet  - which is why this elegant Swedish sitting room created past times here

Stylist: Lotta Agaton
The relaxed dining infinite inwards the Norwegian abode of Maja Hattvang appealed to many - which makes me in addition to thus happy equally I honey her edgy in addition to relaxed style! See the total tour here (if you lot don't already follow Maja on instagram, you lot must!).

Maja Hattvang

And finally, I was in addition to thus happy to encounter the delightfully uncomplicated sleeping accommodation inwards the Copenhagen abode of Karen Maj Kornum of Another Ballroom - captured past times here in addition to here (that's how much i honey Karen Maj's home!).   

Photo: James Gardiner.  Stylist: Niki Brantmark. Featured in The Scandinavian Home majority published past times CICO.

I am in addition to thus grateful for the back upwardly of businessed big in addition to minor without whom My Scandinavian Home wouldn't live possible (you tin encounter a listing of many of my partners in addition to the dissimilar types of collaborations nosotros offering here).  It's been a twelvemonth of fun in addition to inspiring partnerships - but I direct keep to say I exercise direct keep a lilliputian penchant for make-overs! Here are the top three from 2017:
Greenhouse makeover with Samsung in addition to The Frame

Oh how I loved working on this make-over inwards a lilliputian greenhouse inwards Upstate New York with here in addition to here.
My sitting room make-over with Bemz

Photo past times me, styling past times Genevieve Jorn. See to a greater extent than here!
My novel window nook with Nordal  
Photo past times me, styling past times Genevieve Jorn. See the total tour here!

I've been writing a means inwards my lilliputian corner of the globe in addition to was in addition to thus happy to launch non 1 but two novel books this twelvemonth (still non certain how I did it, but it was a wonderful feeling to instruct them inwards my hands!) - Lagom: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life launched inwards September in addition to is available inwards English US, English UK, French in addition to Portuguese with iv to a greater extent than languages to follow inwards 2018 - weeeeee! And The Scandinavian Home launched dorsum inwards the spring!

Photo: Niki Brantmark.
Photo past times Karin Björklund

Aaaah. it's been in addition to thus much fun looking dorsum over this year. Do you lot direct keep whatsoever favourites from everything I've shared? Or possibly you lot direct keep roughly personal highlights you'd similar to portion - if so, I'd honey to listen from you lot inwards the comment department below!! And delight exercise also direct keep it equally an chance to allow us know if there's anything you'd similar to encounter to a greater extent than of inwards 2018.

Before nosotros caput off to savour the holidays I simply wanted to say a few words of thanks.

I am constantly amazed past times the incredible puddle of creative talent inwards the online communities - non alone amid the professional person interior designers in addition to photographers, but also writers, artists, designers etc, all of whom contribute inwards roughly means in addition to are form plenty to allow me to portion their work. These 'creators' dare to lay themselves out at that spot for the globe to critique (a scary prospect, I tin tell you!) - in addition to I give thank you lot each in addition to every 1 of you lot who inspires us every day!

I'd also similar to say a HUGE thank you lot to the wonderful squad behind My Scandinavian Home - including my correct mitt gal Ana Degeneer ( a whizz at graphic design, movie research, writing in addition to everything inwards betwixt - she tin fifty-fifty code - isn't that b*d *ss?!!). If you're thinking of starting a spider web log inwards 2018 (go for it!), Ana sells the most stunning spider web log pattern templates through her shop amongst her majority '30 days to minimal blogging'.

I've also been lucky plenty to operate with the talented interior designer Genevieve Jorn - (we ever direct keep such a express joy in addition to no photograph shoot is consummate without a chicken pasta from my local deli!) equally good equally the fabulous Sarah Brooks-Wilson who moved to Malmö before this twelvemonth in addition to is the speediest interior stylist I know (and ever arrives with a grinning in addition to wearing the most fabulous outfit)! So happy to direct keep you lot guys on board!

And lastly - to all of you, who come upwardly hither each solar daytime in addition to brand My Scandinavian Home a happy identify - none of this would laissez passer on off without you. Thank you lot for all your amazing back upwardly this twelvemonth in addition to making this lilliputian infinite on the spider web such a pleasance each day. Here's to a fabulous 2018!


PS those of you lot who similar to reminisce mightiness savour looking dorsum at the 2016 in addition to 2015 round-ups (so interesting to encounter how interior style has evolved!!).

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