Old Meets Novel Inwards Stunning Vrångsholmen - DESIGN SUMMER

Old Meets Novel Inwards Stunning Vrångsholmen

Well hello! I bring to confess I experience a little worse for vesture today (totally self-induced of course!). In fact, I could totally meet myself rocking nearly inwards this beautiful infinite - amongst it's lowered lighting, as well as soothing, dark, earthy tones correct now. The striking images are the number of a shoot yesteryear (the a-ma-zing Gothenburg store Artilleriet, using Vrångsholmen every bit a backdrop. Vrångsholmen was originally built to salve children from the dangers of metropolis life yesteryear providing a rubber rural haven, these days it's run yesteryear artists, artisans, musicians, dancers as well as architects who purpose the infinite for artistic productions, rehearsals, courses as well as educational activities.

Photography courtesy of Artilleriet amongst thanks.

I honey the peeling pigment as well as scuffed floors, there's something almost poetic nearly the space.

That ghost sofa totally has my cite on it! 

Is in that location anything that stands out to you?

See to a greater extent than pictures as well as discovery out nearly all the items featured here! And piece you're in that location - I tin totally recommended browsing the Artilleriet Christmas decoration- *sigh*!

Have a lovely day! 

PS how wonderful would live on to attend a class or workshop inwards Vrångsholmen? I'm keeping an oculus out now.... volition proceed yous updated if I location anything!

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