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The Relaxed Norwegian Habitation Of Maja Hattvang

Apart from having a rattling cool name, Maja Hattvang every bit good has style, together with bags of it. But looking through her instagram together with blog it's non your usual, classic, Norwegian style. There's a raw, cool border to it amongst the slightest hint of glamour (spend a few minutes browsing her inspiring instagram feed together with you'll encounter what I mean). Her signature fashion seeps into everything she turns her mitt to - including the means she dresses, her mass (see below) together with the means she decorates her home. The Olso bird is a mix of designer together with vintage finds (note how the curved slice of furniture helps to pause upward the angular architecture together with add together softness), together with although fairly minimalist - piles of books, plants together with groups of objects hand the infinite a lovely, relaxed vibe.

Photography: Maja Hattvang - shared amongst sort permission. Found via SF Girl By Bay amongst thanks.

So lovely! It's the sort of infinite yous could walk into together with experience right away welcome together with at home, don't yous think?

Maja's outset mass is an extension of this wonderful rawness. Naturlig Nok - (naturally) contains a diverseness of recipes for confront masks together with trunk scrubs to soaps together with scented candles using natural ingerdients. "Nature is sum of things that accept proven practiced resultant on the skin, if yous alone know how to role them." I therefore demand a re-create of this, how nearly you?

Get the expect from Maja's home: dining room - 'woman amongst a fan' past times Pablo Picasso, side cabinet from Montana, Flos lightsitting room - Grand pianoforte sofa, knoll diamond chair.

N.B. Maja has late moved out of this domicile - I'm therefore looking frontward to seeing what she does next, how nearly you?!

Have a lovely day!

PS I'm currently inward New York together with preparing for 3 exciting events today: An interview amongst a USA TV channel,  a magazine for my Lagom book - together with the Domino Design Blog Awards 2017 (I'll therefore survive needing a cocktail past times then!). Excited together with nervous all wrapped into one!! Weeeee!

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