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A Dated Dwelling Becomes A Fresh, Modern Farmhouse

Ever since I stumbled across the portfolio of Pittsburgh based interior designer this incredible home, I've been a huge fan of her work! Leanne is currently the star, along alongside her blood brother together with contractor Steve Ford, of Restored past times the Fords on HGTV, which follows the siblings equally they plough some of Pittsburgh's most dated buildings into magazine-worthy homes. Their latest projection was to transform the Faraci family's pokey basis flooring (made upward of 3 rooms) into a fresh, open-plan space. I caught upward alongside Leanne to uncovering out to a greater extent than nigh the project...

What was the blueprint brief?

I loved the Faraci family! They are then lovely together with loving together with their demands were rather simple! They wanted a elementary together with good designed domicile to live on together equally a household unit of measurement together with to entertain in. The start flooring of their trace solid was separated past times 3 walls when nosotros got our hands on it. And of course, I removed them ALL. We wanted those inwards the kitchen to live on able to meet out the front end window. And nosotros wanted a to a greater extent than welcome communal living infinite for them.

What trend were the household unit of measurement later on together with how did y'all attain it? 

"They wanted a fresh together with modern farmhouse style. We gave them all the classic fixings; underground tile, butcher block counters, classic white cabinets, opened upward shelving, farm tabular array downward the oculus of the kitchen, elementary blueprint together with decor. And I played alongside all of these features over the master copy together with really rhythm out upward wooden floors. Though they started out equally a form of disaster to crusade to brand them work, they ended upward existence my favorite characteristic of the home. Ain't that how it happens. The stone oil together with vintage flooring actually adds life to the create clean lines of the novel kitchen." 

 Do y'all conduct maintain a favourite characteristic from the make-over?  

That amazing modern "sculpture" of a step instance that Ed Zeiler from Wood due north Wrench made us! We had to totally reconfigure where the staircase went later on ripping walls out, then nosotros played alongside the novel "railing/wall" And made it a blueprint feature.

 Did y'all experiment alongside anything new? 

"We did Board together with Batton on the INSIDE of the domicile for a change. It was a elementary together with economical means to convey texture together with graphic symbol into this home. Over the java tabular array y'all meet a white chandelier that I TRIED to make... I would nation this is i of those examples of letting fine art evolve...I surely never laid out to brand the lite hold off similar that, but let's simply nation it actually "wanted to" ;) The household unit of measurement made me experience amend when they said it looks similar something from the MOMA. I don't know nigh that, but... I'll conduct maintain it!"

Photography: Alexandra Ribar

Thank y'all then much for sharing this beautiful make-over alongside us Leanne!

If y'all dearest this hold off together with desire to bag a few ideas (I surely volition be!) - here's a quick guide:

Get the look

1. Nuvo lighting, warehouse shade
2. Vintage chopping board
3. Glass cake stand
4. Natural linen napkins
5. L:A Bruket liquid soap
6. Drip Glaze 16-Piece Place Setting
7. Tour Eiffel brackets  
8. IKEA armchair alongside Bemz Loose Fit Country cover (get 15% off blueprint covers for IKEA slice of furniture at Bemz alongside code '15designsummer' until 11th February - ships worldwide!).
9. Woven handbasket pendant lite
10. Sisal natural jute rug

Ahhh, then inspired past times this infinite - the contestation handbasket lamp, the asymmetry of the chairs together with bench simply about the table, the opened upward shelves. So much to love. I promise it's inspired y'all too!

Have a lovely day.


Complete Source list:

Kitchen: Cabinets / Miter Box (custom built),  Farmhouse 3018 sink inwards pearl / Native Trails, Trinsic kitchen faucet inwards champagne bronze / Delta, White underground tile / Jeffrey Court,  Butcher Block countertop / IKEA. Cutting boards / Whitney Jurgovan of Kinsey Vintage market, Small white carpet inwards bleached jute ivory / basis market*, Wooden shelving alongside Tour Eiffel brackets / Anthropologie*,  Napkins together with Tea towels, Parachute home, Vintage Mirror / Garden Style Living, wooden kitchen tabular array / Weisshouse, Woven Basket Pendant / World market. Wooden chairs / 1stdibs. 

Family room (with fireplace): Cloud sofa inwards beligan linen natural / RH Modern,  Sisal natural jute rug / World market. White linen armchair / Weisshouse. Blue Tin Washer // Kinsey Vintage Market, java tabular array / weisshouse, Metal Locker Boxes // Urge Studio.

Living room: White carpet inwards bleached ivory jute / World market, Burlap sofa / Weisshouse,
wooden java table / IKEA, Chandlier custom made past times Leanne, Green credenza / Urge Studio.

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