Workspace Inspiration: A Norwegian Pattern Studio - DESIGN SUMMER

Workspace Inspiration: A Norwegian Pattern Studio

Was it simply me, or did the holidays teach something like: 22nd Dec - BLINK - tenth January?! So typical! I've got thus many travel goals this yr that I'm genuinely really excited to hold out dorsum (is that annoying?!). My get-go finish (as always) is to re-arrange my component / studio infinite - maybe I'll simply teach stuck on that for the year, who knows, but hi it's a start! This could hold out why my Pinterest workspace board has over 790 pins (obsessed, who me?!). I'm a big believer inwards how your surround affects you lot - in addition to if you lot create a kicking a*se workspace you lot tin accomplish anything, right?! This forenoon I stumbled across the beautiful, minimalist studio of Ask og Eng captured yesteryear Holly in addition to Hedda of Avenue Design Studio. Norwegian duo Kine Ask Stenersen in addition to Kristoffer Eng founded Ask og Eng inwards 2016 having built several sustainable kitchens in addition to slice of furniture for their ain homes. Today they blueprint in addition to create bamboo kitchens in addition to slice of furniture for a wider audience out of their pared-back studio inwards Drammen, Norway. The studio has an airy, minimalist aesthetic alongside striking contrast. No guessing that Kristoffer is a trained architect (oh, how I could purpose a science similar that!).  

Photography: Avenue Design Studio

Kind of an tardily infinite inwards which to continue a clear caput wouldn't you lot say?! Love that there's no clutter besides (although I know, personally I produce similar to create got a lot simply about me!). How virtually you?

What genuinely caught my optic is how their beautiful slice of furniture in addition to kitchen create got centre phase - acting equally a constant reminder of their vision. Definitely something to mean value virtually inwards our ain workspaces?!

Is in that place anything that stands out to you?

I spy the DCW, ERA chair in addition to Menu WM String chair in addition to an one-time dutch teapot.

See to a greater extent than pics of Studio Ask og Eng over at the lovely Avenue Design Studio

If you're looking to plow over your workspace a fighting of a restrain construct clean (or full transformation - hey, why not?!) - there's loooooads of beautiful inspiration inwards the studio archive.

My workspace genuinely i time rocked upwards on the forepart embrace of an interior mass (Everything inwards its Place) which I'm however thus proud of today! Even so, I'm thinking it could purpose a piffling forest for warmth (vintage pieces?) in addition to some color besides - what produce you lot reckon? Thoughts welcome!

Have a wonderful day!

PS I genuinely had improve teach packing at i time (see earlier post). I'm off to Hamburg get-go affair inwards the forenoon  and thus volition hold out heading to Hannover inwards the evening, quite the High German adventure! If you lot experience similar tagging along I'll hold out posting on Instagram stories along the way!

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