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A Danish Dwelling Identify Amount Of Vintage Treasures

As a London daughter - I've ever felt comforted past times the fact that Copenhagen is simply a brusk hop over the Öresund yoke from Malmö. Not alone does it give me that big metropolis feeling I sometimes crave, it also opens upward a footing of Danish pattern as well as vintage finds! It's similar living inwards 2 cities (and countries) inwards one! One of my latest finds is Finderi, a secondhand store owned past times Josephine Ilmi Johansen selling a trove of vintage treasures. Josephine also plant equally an interior designer, stylist as well as writer, offering her services through Autent. It's niggling wonder her ain habitation is total of the most amazing finds from across the eras, beautiful artwork as well as intriguing details.

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"I rarely hunt for anything inwards particular, then I oftentimes cease upward surprising myself amongst the objects I'm drawn to."

This niggling teak side tabular array as well as master copy Hans Wegner sofa (that blueish velvet is divine) were of late sold through Josephine's shop. Keep an oculus out for similar on Etsy*.

These classic Arne Jacobsen Series vii chairs* are peradventure my favourite dining chairs of all fourth dimension - I specially dear the lite tan leather! Would you lot also last quite happy to sit down as well as dine on these bad boys each day?!

"Rather than chasing whatever surely tendency or designer, I tend to simply trust my initial gut feeling nigh a slice of furniture, pottery or art; I regard that if I dear it, It's past times Definition my manner as well as I don't pay much regard to whether other people 'get it' or not."

How beautiful is the pinkish as well as nighttime teak forest combination inwards Josephine's kitchen?! I dear the brass accent (thanks to a Bumling pendant light* past times Anders Pehrson which has been transformed into an extractor hood!) as well as touches of emerald light-green velvet equally good (source similar cushions here*).

"Generally speaking, I'm attracted to circular as well as strange shapes, cracking handcraft, vibrant colours as well as objects that appear to convey a personality of their own."

And Josephine's tips for adding vintage finds to the home?

"In styling, equally inwards most aspects of life, multifariousness is key. Combining objects that aren't an obvious agree oftentimes creates absolute magic as well as adds a really personal touch. My go-to tips:

1. Incorporate elements from dissimilar pattern eras as well as movements
2.  Be bold amongst your styling inwards damage of mixing materials, colours as well as shapes."

Quarella worktops are a rise tendency inwards Scandinavian homes as well as brand a refreshing modify from lite greyness marble - it's a super durable surface too!

Aaaaa, I do dear this home, it's then personal!  Does it also brand you lot desire to caput to Copenhagen as well as larn searching for secondhand Danish treasures?

If you lot do,  brand surely you lot halt past times Finderi!

For to a greater extent than Danish habitation dear this vivid as well as sunny Mon - I'm taking a peek to a greater extent than or less this habitation as well as studio of a photographer, the fabulous habitation of a Danish interior designer as well as A Danish oasis inwards Cannes - come upward as well as bring together me inwards the archive! You tin dismiss also banking corporation check out Josephine's feed on instagram here.

Have a cracking outset to the week!

 PS I'm sneaking off early on today to picket Sweden inwards the footing loving cup - heja Sverige!

Photography: 6, 7, 8 Anitta Behrendt for Alt Interior. Remaining past times Josephine Ilmi Johansen.

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