A Charming Danish Summertime Cottage On The Isle Of Fejø - DESIGN SUMMER

A Charming Danish Summertime Cottage On The Isle Of Fejø

It's officially the summertime holidays hither inward Scandinavia. From Smygehuk inward Sweden to Rossøya inward Svalbad,  OOO's are on, the midnight Sun is shining too cool, bluish waters are lapping at the shores, waiting for the outset of the 'morning dippers' to arrive. Forget fancy vacation plans - many Scandinavian's retreat to summertime cottages, where they relish a elementary life too brand the well-nigh of what nature has to offer. Every July, business office fourth dimension instructor too part-time PR rep for Stolbjerg Copenhagen - Sidsel Garsdal, her hubby Jakob too their ii children Carmen (9) too Bror (5) induce got a fifteen infinitesimal ferry ride out to their really charming cabin on the little danish isle of Fejø to relax, live on together equally a theatre unit of measurement too inward Sidsel's words: "make magic out of everyday life".
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As amongst well-nigh Scandinavian summertime residences, Sidsel's cottage has a relaxed, down-to-earth vibe too has been furnished inward a simple, understated way, amongst no ii pieces the same. "Most of the slice of furniture hither is vintage / instant mitt too inherited from our grandparents or bought at flea markets etc." confirms Sidsel.

This differs greatly from twelvemonth circular metropolis dwellings, which oftentimes tend to live on stricter amongst a to a greater extent than contemporary touch. "The furnishing hither is to a greater extent than playful than inward our Copenhagen apartment. I was aiming for a classic Danish summertime theatre look, but also felt inspired past times Southern beach houses. This is why I chose to pigment the floors turquoise!" explains Sidsel. 

Since life at Scandinavian summertime cottages tends to live on centred approximately the non bad outdoors too soaking upwards the abundance of lite earlier it starts to fade, nature becomes a key topic indoors too. Sidsel has drawn the surrounding nature indoors using vintage schoolhouse posters*, plants, pretty botanical themed bedding too a mix of natural textures.

Making the well-nigh of what nature has to offering includes daily dips - pelting or shine. And it's non odd to run into our Nordic friends cycling / walking to the nearest shoreline inward their dressing gowns (the to a greater extent than worn the better!) to induce got their daily dip. "I honey existence unopen to the sea," enthuses Sidsel. "We start too destination our days past times the body of body of water which is a ii infinitesimal walk from our cabin. In trammel too summertime it's a theatre dominion to give-up the ghost for a swim everyday."

What an idyllic agency to pass the calendar month of July, don't you lot think?

I honey the agency Sidsel has decorated their cabin equally good - relaxed nevertheless amongst too then much character! Is at that spot anything that caught youy eye?

If you'd similar to run into to a greater extent than too cheque out snapshots of their identify inward Copenhagen too, hop over to Sidsel's wonderful instagram feed.

You also mightiness similar to cheque out i of these charming Scandinavian summertime cottages: an idyllic swedish summertime cottagea beautifully elementary retreat on Gotland too a Swedish isle cabin. Guh! Our Scandi friends induce got got it too then right, don't you lot think?!

What are your plans for the summer? (or wintertime for friends inward the Southern Hemisphere!).

If you're heading this way, don't forget your dressing gown!


Photography: Sidsel Garsdal

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