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My (Sweet) Dream Sleeping Accommodation Update!

Sponsored post (all words are my own): 

You powerfulness think I went off in search of beauty sleep a few months dorsum And approximate what? I've lastly got rid of my ancient bed (which was honestly almost 25 years old!) as well as inwards it's identify is Sandö bed from the wonderful Swedish construct Carpe Diem Beds. If you lot haven't seen me for a spell it's because I can't larn upwards inwards the morning. Ha! Just kidding. But every nighttime I do experience similar I'm sleeping on a big, fluffy cloud! Bliss!

Due to the depression window, I don't accept room for a headboard (a picayune annoying!), thence I opted for headboard cushions inwards soft  My husband was slightly sceptical (he placed a ban on me buying whatever novel cushions several years ago!!), but fifty-fifty he approves of these - they construct for an uber comfy bedtime read!

I'm thence pleased alongside how the sand color goes alongside my Blushing Peach wall too, these things are of import for a pattern lover, right?!

The other affair I beloved almost my bed is that it's named later an island inwards the Gothenburg archipelago (my heartland - non simply because it outstandingly beautiful - it's also where Per as well as I met!).

And what makes it thence comfortable are its 3 unique interacting jump systems that enhance your slumber as well as the Contour Pocket System which was inspired past times the heather on the islands as well as designed to ensure every inch of your body's supported.

I chose oak legs to select a natural comport upon to the infinite - the beauty is inwards the detail, later all!

I promise you lot enjoyed the tour!

If you're looking for me, I'll live correct hither sleeping similar a star fish!


PS In example you're also inwards search of a blissful night's sleep, Carpe Diem Beds are available inwards over 20 countries. You tin abide by your nearest retailer here.

Photography / styling: Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home

I am a really proud ambassador for Carpe Diem Beds who sponsored this post. As always, all words are my ain as well as I alone ever move alongside brands I beloved as well as mean value you lot volition too. Thank you lot for supporting the brands that construct My Scandinavian Home possible.

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